Welcome to An Amy Mouse Ride game kids and adults. Within this text-based game... you'll ride Amy Mouse in this beautiful village, and this is going to be a peaceful village where mice are respected as beings.

You are riding on Amy's back. Amy is wearing a pink dress, and she is holding a magic wand. You are next to a large tree with apples hanging from these branches. On your right; there's a red trolley with yellow stripes. You are looking towards the hills of this village. The hills are covered in flowers! There's a brown mouse next to a tree, and there's a yellow cat next to you.

The sun is gold, and the sky is blue. The clouds are white, and the rainbow is visible. Birds are flying in the sky. There's a pink pigeon roosting ontop of a tree.

Looking forward; you can see Amy wearing her pink bow tie and her head, her ears or set to an upright position. Your hands are hanging on to her special ribbon to control her. Your watch is on your right wrist, and your bronze flower is on your left wrist. There is a white cat on your left with a white kitten, and there's a green snake on your right with a turtle carrying a black infant with his parents alongside him. Amy is standing behind a black rat who is pulling a wagon with pigs being rescued from being slaughtered for meat to be served at your local cafe!

On your left; there's a large monument of a boy, Leon riding his favorite yellow dog next to a tree with orange flowers on it.

Have you ever imagined riding a mouse? You are at the right game!

Audio Credit:
"Danse Macabre - Light Dance" By Kevin McLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0.

Trivia Included:

Trivia is included in this game.

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