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What's The Point?

Dogs are man's best friend, and they come in many breeds what we know today. For many years we developed domestic dogs,--after we taimed wolves since years ago,--during the time of extremely cold days on our planet.

For some of us; we rely on dogs for many uses like handling emergencies, comfort, therapy, and other uses. These animals has helped us hunt for food, and reduce pests.

If we didn't have dogs; our human culture will be different.

Today; there are many dogs what we encounter each day, owned by everyday people around the world. That can range from typical owners to working dogs like police dogs. However; some people own fake dogs as an alternative to real ones when they prefer to keep costs down.

Dogs In Our Game World

Dogs are quite common in our gaming world. We don't just walk them with a leash, we can ride them as alternative to horses. Or we can set dogs as primary characters for our games. However; our gaming world has chosen which dog we should choose for each of our games what we developed. For example; a game that focuses on you and your dog escaping from a volcano disaster.

There are some dogs in our games what we play each day. For this instance; Tomb Raider, featuring Laura Croft; has Doberman Pinchers.

Dogs As Animals To Ride In Games

We're NOT talking about riding in carts, or dogsleds, instead; we are talking about riding on your dog's back, a true form of riding a dog. Some games may feature you as a character ride on a back of a dog, whether if it's a poodle, a Great Dane, or any breed of dog. Typically, a dog what you are riding is a large proportion, or you are set as a small proportion. There are some games that may have characters ride dogs instead of horses. Typically, horses are more expensive because, it takes time to breed, train, and you need a barn to house them. Horses are kind of expensive to own! In a virtual world; we can ride dogs,--if games have this feature included.


Say if you were playing an adventure game, and you were walking through a maze where you must escape from a volcano. You don't want to use up your energy. You climb on a back of your dog to go faster. Well, you don't have a horse handy because, it requires you to gain more points to unlock this animal.

If you were playing a game that only focus on riding a dog; and you were riding a poodle, or a bulldog; you must complete missions like removing a coal-burning plant from a city.

Dogs As Playing Characters

There are some games that are set to play as a dog as a player character. It can be a first-person, or second-person,--or a third-personn format. Any breed of dog will do. However; anthropomorphic dogs are common. Although; these playable characters are common.

Dogs As Enemies

For some games; dogs can be set as enemies in some games what you may play. Well, some people has implemented dogs as enemies in some games.

If you were familiar with A Groaner, Doberman, or a German shepard; these are examples of these dogs as enemies. This is common for some games that require you to use strategy.

Doberman Pinchers

If you heard of Tomb Raider 2, Doberman Pinchers were common with these enemies like the Fiamma Nera. Well, you can also find Doberman Pinchers in some other games.

Fear Of Dogs

Although; some people have fear of dogs, and they can really miss out what dogs can really do. This is common for some people who have fear of dogs.

What If We Didn't Have Dogs In Our Gaming World?

If we didn't have dogs in our gaming world; our gaming world will be different, and they will be plenty of wolves in our gaming world. If this is the case; wolves are only present. However; some games that feature anthropomorphic dogs will not exist.

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