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Everyday, we try efforts to save our planet, and our environment from harm. Why do we do it because, we have to reduce pollution, reduce violence, stop xenophobia, outlaw bribery, save our seas, take out the oil industry, stop government corruption, keep frackers at bay, and promote real food to eat,--and use renewable energy as a wy to cut climate change. Care2 is a known website where community members create petitions to change our world, along with publishing causes, healthy living, and success stories when petitions are successful. ForceChange is a known website where they create petitions to change our world with a strategic force! That's how ForceChange got it's name or something. Common causes are animal welfare, human rights, environment, real food, government reform, women's rights, and more.

Activists like us take risk to save our world, and change our community!

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare is a top topic for animal-lovers who care about animals. PETA is a known animal advocacy organization who documented endless cases of cruelty, and neglect. For this instance, PETA has investigated a dairy farm where cattle were abused, and have their horns removed without any pain-killers.

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