These are frequently asked questions about the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade.

Whats Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade?

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade is a text-based gaming website where you play games with text-based content like a legacy style of gaming. All text-based games are suitable for the blind players. All games are written in html and CSS.

This static website strongly relies on static html files as a preferred structure for the entire website because, this website is intended for retro gaming and people who wanted to play text-based games. This website is also intended for people who only rely on traditional methods of connecting to the internet, or internet services relying on slow speeds.

Is it free to play?

All games are free to play, and you don't need an account, all you need is an internet connection to play. Also, you don't need to use any payment tool to access our free games to play.

You've Mentioned Your Games Are Free To Play, But Why NOT Pay For Them?

To help reduce use of credit cards and debit cards for paying our games, we take the following methods to keep our free text-adventure games free forever; we rely on ads to help reduce costs of hosting our website, and managing our servers. Reducing costs is key to help people in poverty play text-based games without speding a quarter! Most game bevelopers rely on payment mechanisms for players to pay for other features that aren't available for non-paying players. Since limiting features isn't necessary, we prefer to keep our games free altogether.

How Do I Find A Game To Play?

First, click on a "Browse" link at the navigation bar, you will be presented a list of the following sections of a website:

Next, click on a link to go to a desired game what you want to play. Each game is unique, so you can figure out which game is right for you to play.

After you chosen a game to play, read what's on a screen to find out if this game is right for you to play, have fun!

Your Table Displays Games To Play... What It Is Used For?

It's used for displaying games that may be featured or ready to play,--or under development. All text-based games are developed via our free time. However; our text-based games are still being developed, and updated, and refactored as a way to get the best playing experience for our players.

This table is always updated to let visitors know if these games are available to play.

The following table will give you an example of these games that are available to play, or under development:

Game status Description
A Mahout Who Refused To Hit His Elephant Available To Play Help this mahout hold other mahouts accountable for hitting their elephants,--forcing them to give rides. Don't be end up being betrayed by your own elephant!

If a table like this expands; these game titles are still available to play by browsing on our website. To prevent long times for our front page loading, select games will be placed in the another table for "Featuresd Games" for all players.

Why some of your games are not available to play

These games may be under development, that means, they're being compiled for gamers to play these games for years to come. When a game becomes available to play, a link to a game will appear, or announced via our desired social platform.

How do I play these games?

Just click on a start link, read scroll, and choose from a set of choices displayed on your screen. Each choice is linked to pages,--kind of like a gamebook!

Don't use your browser's back button because, it's not recommended to use your browser's back button because, cheating when playing our games is discouraged,--unless you landed on a "404 page" or any error page.

If you want to try out a game; you can use a "Try It" section to try it out. This is necessary when our games are being developed behind the scenes. However; your game playing session is always free anytime.

How do I save my position?

Just bookmark a page!

WhY am I seeing ads?

Ads keep this website free! Why we decided to keep our text-adventure games free is the following:

I'm using a browser that block trackers and ads by default... how do I support your virtual arcade?

If you were using DuckDuckGo, a dedicated browser to stay hidden from trackers and spies, go to your settings to allow ads to be displayed on your browser. Or you can find our donation link at the front webpage of our website. Remember, you can turn these ads off at anytime, it's strongly recommended to enable ads to be displayed on our website because, what we mentioned above; ads provide you premium content. Without ads; there will NOT be a virtual arcade on our website, and there are going to be no free games to play! If your browser is controlled by your network administrator; ask your administrator to enable ads for this website for you.

If you were using FireFox Focus on your Android or Apple device, enable ads to be displayed. Don't worry! You can turn them back off at anytime, or if you were just exiting our website for the end of a day!

If you were using an ad-blocking extension, add "arcade.fairiesdreamsfantasy.com" to your whitelist.


Please read our Privacy Policy to find out how we respect your privacy, you can always come back to it for any updates at anytime.

Which Ad Network What You Are Using & Why You Are Using It To Monetize This Website?

We are constantly evaluating and choosing which ad network is right for us. We are relying on Shareaholic as our prefered ad network because, this is an only ad network what we're migrating from a corrupted ad network who dictate which content is accepted, this discrimination is a problem for us. There are many ad networks out there, and we're taking extreme caution when choosing an ad network for monetizing our virtual arcade.

We also use Revive Ad Server as a way to host our own ads as we diversify ad networks what we currently use. This open-source software enables us to enable advertisers to advertise their product/services/content on our website, we also supported promoted content via our own ad zones that are dedicated to display promoted content. We are currently compiling our service for independent advertisers who wanted to advertise on our website without ad networks.

We have plans to implement ads that support your privacy, and reduce dependency of ad networks by 40%.

Do you offer premium games?

We don't offer premium games at this time. We don't offer paid games to play after payment. The only premium content what we provide is free games to play that are supported by ads.

Do I Need A Membership To Play Your Games?

We don't offer memberships, memberships are NOT offered on our website because, this text-based arcade is intended for playing games what we develop for free. If we have memberships; it will NOT be a free arcade to play games. Not all people who access the internet have money to afford membership, we decided to keep our games free, and open to anyone who want to play our games. Free games to play on our website always start off free on our website.

I've been directed to a "404" error page when playing your games! What's going on?

We are sorry for your difficulties with our text-based games what you are playing/ The 404 page is common when a link is broken, or we have a problematic link inside our games. This is common if you were trying out our text-based games, and checking for problems. You can send us a report via email. Be sure to provide details about a problem what you've experienced.

If you were directed to an error page when playing a text-based game; use the reverse button on your browser.

How Do I Advertise A Game On Your Website?

At this time; you need to find an ad network that is reputable, or you can advertise directly on our website via a self-served portal that is dedicated to have your ads posted on our listings page. All ads will be labeled with either "Advertisements" or "Sponsored Games" on our website. However; we are setting up ad zones for advertisers to advertise their content on their website. We are NOT going to have tracking pixels on each ad because, we believe privacy is key for our players who play our text-based games.

Before you advertise on our website; please do the following:

Why These Games Are Updating Or Barely Updating?

This is important for you to discover new content as you play each game.

Why I'm Hearing Background Music?

We want you to be entertained as you play these games. We choose royalty-free music from a reputable free resource. Check the music credits at the sidebar or footer of this website.

I'm Using A Mobile Device, But I Can't Hear Any Background Music, What's Going On?

Most likely your browser settings hasn't been changed by you. Check with a developer to get support for your browser. If you were using any of these browsers below:

For Google Chrome Users

Open Your Browser Tab by Typing Ctrl-N,--if you open an app manually.

Go to Chrome://flags; type "autoplay, and press enter.

At the autoplay policy disable require gestures to enable autoplay.

Click on a button to restart your browser.

visit this website and confirm if background music is playing.

Why Are Your Categories Section Of Your Site Have Few Categories?

We are constantly rolling out new categories to explore. We compile categories with interesting content to enable our visitors to be entertained as they browse other text-based games. All games are sorted by category,--preventing games from being mixed up.

Do I Have To Create An Account?

An account isn't necessary to play our text-based games. If you were a computer user who don't rely on email, or you were just an oldschool computer user who just got yourself a new computer, you can play these games. However; we are still testing out certain games that rely on a CMS. With this format; you might need an account to play these games.

Are These Games Safe To Play?

Like most text-based games; we usually evaluate what content can be suitable for some players. We don't write erotic content because, we believe erotica is too dirty for our arcade.

I Have A CRT Monitor; But I Can't See Your Content; What To Do?

Adjust your monitor, and verify if your monitor is receiving power.

When I was Playing a Game... I Clicked On Your Multiple Choices When Playing... An Offer Is Displayed... Is It Necessary To Complete Offers?

Completing offers isn't necessary, you can dismiss an offer by closing a browser tab displaying it. If you still have problems; when playing our games; you may need to report a problem with an offer displayed.


For some of our ultra premium games to play; these games require you to complete an offer before playing our games. The following reasons why these games are premium games are the following: