These are frequently asked questions about the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade.

Whats Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade?

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade is a text-based gaming website where you play games with text-based content like a legacy style of gaming. All text-based games are suitable for the blind players. All games are written in html and CSS.

This static website strongly relies on static html files as a preferred structure for the entire website because, this website is intended for retro gaming and people who wanted to play text-based games. This website is also intended for people who only rely on traditional methods of connecting to the internet, or internet services relying on slow speeds.

Is it free to play?

All games are free to play, and you don't need an account, all you need is an internet connection to play.

How Do I Find A Game To Play?

First, click on a "Browse" link at the navigation bar, you will be presented a list of the following sections of a website:

Next, click on a link to go to a desired game what you want to play. Each game is unique, so you can figure out which game is right for you to play.

After you chosen a game to play, read what's on a screen to find out if this game is right for you to play, have fun!

Why some of your games are not available to play

These games may be under development, that means, they're being compiled for gamers to play these games for years to come. When a game becomes available to play, a link to a game will appear, or announced via our desired social platform.

How do I play these games?

Just click on a start link, read scroll, and choose from a set of choices displayed on your screen. Each choice is linked to pages,--kind of like a gamebook!

How do I save my position?

Just bookmark a page!

WhY am I seeing ads?

Ads keep this website free! Why we decided to keep our text-adventure games free is the following:

I'm using a browser that block trackers and ads by default... how do I support your virtual arcade?

If you were using DuckDuckGo, a dedicated browser to stay hidden from trackers and spies, go to your settings to allow ads to be displayed on your browser. Or you can find our donation link at the front webpage of our website. Remember, you can turn these ads off at anytime, it's strongly recommended to enable ads to be displayed on our website because, what we mentioned above; ads provide you premium content. Without ads; there will NOT be a virtual arcade on our website, and there are going to be no free games to play! If your browser is controlled by your network administrator; ask your administrator to enable ads for this website for you.

If you were using FireFox Focus on your Android or Apple device, enable ads to be displayed. Don't worry! You can turn them back off at anytime, or if you were just exiting our website for the end of a day!

If you were using an ad-blocking extension, add "arcade.fairiesdreamsfantasy.com" to your whitelist.


Please read our Privacy Policy to find out how we respect your privacy, you can always come back to it for any updates at anytime.

Which Ad Network What You Are Using & Why You Are Using It To Monetize This Website?

We are constantly evaluating and choosing which ad network is right for us. We are relying on Shareaholic as our prefered ad network because, this is an only ad network what we're migrating from a corrupted ad network who dictate which content is accepted, this discrimination is a problem for us. There are many ad networks out there, and we're taking extreme caution when choosing an ad network for monetizing our virtual arcade.

Do you offer premium games?

We don't offer premium games at this time. We don't offer paid games to play after payment. The only premium content what we provide is free games to play that are supported by ads.

Why I'm Hearing Background Music?

We want you to be entertained as you play these games. We choose royalty-free music from a reputable free resource. Check the music credits at the sidebar or footer of this website.