Why Am I Seeing Ads?

We implemented ads to keep this website free to view content, we'll never offer subscriptions for any user to use our content. Our virtual arcade is intended to have free to play text-based games.


Purpose Of Running Ads

We implement ads to monetize our content, and provide premium content to visitors who visit our virtual arcade, and play our text-based games. Since this website doesn't rely on SQL database to run; we rely on static content to present to users who were playing our games, or have a look around. These ads provide relevant content,--depending on our content we produce on a regular basis. However; ads aren't as relevant what you've expected to be relevant.

Why Do We Monetize Our Virtual Arcade?

Hosting content via a hosting service isn't free; we monetize our website to help cover costs of hosting our files, and our other websites,--along with costs of renewing our domain annually. A domain for websites isn't free either. There's no such host who offers a free domain, and we have to keep our domain as good as normal. For hosting our website, we pay for hosting on a monthly basis.

If ads are not present on this website, we're not able to keep offering free content for anyone.

Since most gaming platforms require you to create an account, and become a subscribed member with monthly payments, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade is free! Whether if you play any of our text-based games on a computer at your local library, or your school, at work during break, or at home; all games are free to play.

Here are the following goals what we're going to establish as we keep providing text-based games to play:

How Does Your Method Of Monetizing Your Text-Based Games Work?

Each time you land on a landing page of our text-based game what you want to play; an ad is displayed inside our content what we write ourselves. An ad is generated by a 3rd party ad network who serve ads to your browser. If we host our own ads; advertisers pay for an ad zone once as a way to make advertising affordable. However; we only support ads that are compliant with accessibility guidelines as a way for blind players to see what ads look like.

Using Ad Networks

As we mentioned; we use 3rd party ad networks to monetize our text-based games. To make it easier for us to manage ads inside our text-based games; we use Revive Ad Server to swap out ads that need to be changed, or inserted for our rotation. However; a 3rd party ad network randomly display ads on your browser. As you play our text-based game; and you click on these links to choose an action; a next is displayed with unique content displayed on your browser. For the best results; keeping only 1 ad unit per page is necessary to enable our text-based games to display 2/3 of content as a way to enable people who read our content to enjoy our game without dealing with too much ads displayed on our games. If we implemented 2 ad zones; and someone tries to activate a link that leads to a next page, and our ads are activated without any intention, that can be a problem for our players who were playing our games.

Only the landing page has sharing buttons that are built to monetize our sharing activity. Promoted content is displayed as native ads, display ads are displayed at a special location as a way to prevent cluttering of our website.

Typically, our display ads inside our games are always implemented at strategic location of our pages to help make it easier for our visitors to skip ads, and read content by scrolling down a page. Impressions are counted by an ad network. Ad networks count impressions to tally cost per impression. Usually, advertisers pay bills when displaying ads for other people who visit other websites.

Mass plays of our games is key for our games to be monetized smoothly. It's like reading a book with graphics above text!

Our Own Ads Hosted

Advertisers rent ad zones to advertise their content, product, or service. However; promoting your content over advertising your product/service is one way to get some users who play our games engaged. This is an alternative to advertising your product and service.

All advertisers are treated equal. We don't dictate how your content is displayed on our website. Instead; we find a zone that is relevant to our text-based games. No impressions are logged, and your ad is served directly to customers. There are no trackers, and there are no dependencies of ad networks.

If you have an online text-adventure game to promote; you can promote it to enable visitors to play your text-based game.

We keep 100% of our ad revenue. That cuts away a middleman and that enables us to independently monetize our text-based games.

How Do I Prevent advertisers from showing same ads displayed on your website?

Use a privacy feature on your browser to keep advertisers from displaying duplicate ads on your browser. This is necessary to keep spying ads at bay. We will never force you to see duplicate ads on our website when playing text-based games. However; if you were using an ad-blocking extension; please whitelist our website to support us. Ads provide premium content for our visitors who play our text-based games day by day.

Alternatively, you can set your browser to clear cookies for this website, and you can able to see different ads. However; using Tor, or any other browser that prevents you from being tracked is necessary to protect your privacy.