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Privacy Policy

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade has no signup mechanism to play these text-adventure games. No user names are collected when you play these games. That means, you can play these games without a worry, or browse a site without a worry!

However; this website may contain advertisements, and sharing buttons, and tracking scripts for counting users who visit this website.

Use of your browser cookies

A cookie is a small file that is stored in your browser, on your computer's storage media like HDDs, SSDs, etc. It also enable you to use other featurs on this website. For example; displaying ads; share buttons; etc.

This website may use cookies on your browser to display relevant ads on our website, along with displaying share buttons, we don't control your cookies on your browser under any way. You are free to clear your cookies from your browser, or disable them altogether. However; if you disable your cookies, certain features on this website will not work.

Use of trackers

This website may contain scripts that may count visitors who visit this website, visitor data will not be used to identify, or contact you. And your visitor data will never be sold to advertisers, telemarketers, direct marketers, sponsors,, or any third parties. We use trackers to gather information about visitors via any computer connected to the internet,--visiting our websites. Your IP addresses, OS info, and browser type are stored on logs, and analytics for the purpose of audience growth.

You can disable trackers by using your browser's settings, or a dedicated browser dedicated to block trackers from counting views on our website. We use Shareaholic to count views on our website.

Ads Displayed on this website

This website may contain ads, when ads are present to you, advertisers use ad networks to serve ads to you that may be relevant to our content, no accuracy of relevant ads are guaranteed. This website strongly rely on ads to provide premium content to all users who visit our website. All ads are strategically placed at designated positions to keep them at minimum of 1 ad units. These ads work by taking in user info like ad preferences, interests, etc. We don't have control of these ads being displayed on our website, and we don't have any form of access to data what advertisers use to provide you relevant ads. These ads also rely on cookies.

All text-adventure games contain ads in order to keep our games free to play; ads provide premium content to all visitors of any kind.

You can opt out of personal ads provided by an ad network, and finding an "opt out" link to opt out of personal ads.


The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade complies with GDPR, since this website doesn't require signups, and there's no signups available on this website. However; we do care about privacy of our users who visit our website. When you visit our main page of this website, a cookie consent banner is display on the bottom of the webpage; if you accept use of these cookies on your browser; you allow us to serve ads, and share buttons on this website. You can withdraw your consent at anytime by clearing your cookies.

You can also request us to have your data cleared by email the administrator of this website.

If you wanted to play text-based games while you're invisible; use a private browsing feature via your browser. You have the right to be an invisible player on your website.

European visitors within the European Union can also play our text-based games with a private browser tab, when playing our games with this feature; advertisers, along with trackers are NOT going to track your visits to our website, or playing our games.

Instructions For Playing Our Text-Based Games While Being Invisible

  1. Open a new private tab.
  2. Type in the URL of a game what you want to play, or visit our home website.
  3. Play a game like normal.
  4. If you close your private tab; your cookies stored in a private tab is automatically erased. It's strongly recommended to play our text-based games while you're using a private browseing feature to prevent your browser from storing your cookies for a long haul.

    Right To Be Forgotten

    You have the right to be forgotten when your data needs to be removed.

    Use Of Your Data

    Analytics tools collect your OS info; IP address; and other data to track which user is using our website. Since no email, and other user info is never used when tracking visitors who visit our website. Sharing buttons displayed by our monetization platform what we choose are handled by social networks displayed on each button.

    If embedded content is presented to you; provided by a platform. A platform may collect user info to provide relevant content, or services,--depending on a user. We don't have any control of any embedded content displayed on this website. You can check their privacy statement for details about handling user data.

    Your data may be used to report possible issues like reporting a malicious user who is involved in unlawful activities on our website; keep track of comments posted by you, or submit content to forms for reporting issues, or contacting us. As you contact us via email; you send your email address to us with your message/feedback/report. We will never sell your email address to any marketing provider, add to market listings, advertisers, sponsors, marketers, or any third parties under any circumstances. We will not going to use your email to identify or contact you; unless we have permission to contact you.

    When playing text-based games; you are NOT required to create any account to access these text-based games. Whether if you are on a desktop or mobile device; you can play these games without an account. This is an accountless experience what you may encounter.

    Use of Ad-Blocking Software/Extensions On This Website

    Use of any ad-blocking software should only be used if conditions met the following:

    • Invasive advertisements sent by advertisers who malvertise products and services - Malvertising is exclusively prohibited on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. If you believe an advertiser is malvertising, report a problem with an ad shown on this website immediately by using our dedicated form on this website, or visit an ad provider to report an ad as soon as possible, malvertising can lead to your machine being damaged..

    Be aware using an ad-blocker may block you from accessing premium content on this website because, its strongly recommended to turn off ad-blocking software.

    You can still delete cookies to reset ads displayed on this website.

    Use Of A VPN

    You are free to use a VPN to access this website. VPNs are permitted. However; for some ad networks who run offerwalls displayed on our website, you may need to switch off your VPN to get the best experience.