Welcome to the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade! A text-based virtual arcade where you can play text-based games. Within this arcade, you'll find an array of games to play. For example; a text-based game that focuses on flying with fairies, and you have to find the way to keep up with your fairies.

Games To Play

Here are the following games what you can play on this website.

Game Availability Description
Cat Ride Quest Coming Soon! Play this game if you've imagined riding cats.
Rabbit Ride Coming Soon! Ride rabbits by playing this text-based game.

Sample Arcade Game - this is a sample arcade game what you can try out! This is useful if you want to figure out what you will expect,--if you played any of these games on this static website.

Games being developed:

  • Amy Mouse Ride-Along - A text-based arcade game that gives you an imaginary experience of riding a mouse.
  • Arctic Quest - This is a game where you are deployed in the cold environment. Your job is to prevent oil-drilling rigs from drilling in the Arctic. Save our planet by playing this game.
  • Put out the mine fire - this is a game where you are deployed to the abandon mining camp where the fire is burning. You need to put it out to save our planet, and this nearby town, and their residents.
  • Rabbit Ride - This is a text-based animal ride game. This game enables you to enjoy a virtual rabbit ride. The Try-out version is available.
  • Audio Credit

    "Pixel Peeker Polka - Slower" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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