Welcome to the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade! A text-based virtual arcade where you can play text-based games. Within this arcade, you'll find an array of games to play. For example; a text-based game that focuses on flying with fairies, and you have to find the way to keep up with your fairies.

No Signups!

Don't use any email provider, nor any service to have an account online? No Problem! You can play these text-based games without needing an account. All you need is a simple internet connection.

Always Free!

Say "good-bye" to costly memberships, save money and enjoy these free games to play, and try them out. The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade doesn't sell memberships, doesn't sell subscriptions, and doesn't place games behind paywalls.

All gamebooks are supported by ads; be sure to whitelist our website with your ad-blocking extension/browser to support our website. Don't hesitate to report problematic ads displayed on our website and inside our text-based games. No walled gardens, and no need to pay for our service what we offer online!

Games Developed Independently

Our text-adventure games what we write is developed independently without third parties. We write our own text-adventure games like independent developers.

Screen-Reader Friendly

All gamebooks are screen-reader friendly, and you can play these games, if your are using a screen-reader. Unlike leading games that are only designed for visual audience, text-based games are designed for screen-reader users of any kind.

No featured games to play yet!

There are no featured games to play just yet. Please come back to this section later. However; you are free to look around,--if you want to.

All gamebooks are currently under heavy development. We are trying our best to rapidly prototype our games what we make from scratch.

Game Samples

Game samples are coming soon. However; these game samples will be available soon.

Work In Progress

Here are the games what we're currently working on, and we publish it live as we compile them.

Poodle Ride Quest

Play Poodle Ride Quest and immerse yourself into an experience of riding a poodle in this gamebook. Try NOT to spank your poodle, go on a poodleback-riding adventure.

Audio Credit

"Danse Macabre - Isolated Harp" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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