Welcome to Poodle Ride Quest!

On your left; there's a mansion where it has a large windmill installed as a way to reduce CO2. On your right; there's a garden where trees are planted to help restore the environment. The trees are tall and they have 20 opossums in each tree.

You are riding on a back of a white poodle with a pink nose, green eyes, and she wears a bronze collar around her neck. Her head is kind of like a head of a girl, but that's just an illusion. She is eating a large strawberry. Your hands are dark-brown with a darker shade.

On the left of you; there's a person riding a gray poodle with black ears, and this person is taller than you. However; his gray poodle is a bit larger than your poodle what you're riding. On your right; there's a white dog who isn't a poodle, and she is holding a set of balloons that indicate your status, she is also holding a wand on her left paw. Also on your right; there's a gray pit bull with a stripe that goes along her back, and she is holding a set of wands with her left paw, and she is holding a tea kettle with her right paw. A tea kettle is bronze with silver stars on it. Steam is rising from a spout of a tea kettle. Well, this kettle is an expensive version that is built to last for a long time.

Ahead of you; there's a set of hills that are covered in ice and snow. These mountains are protected against coal exploration of any kind. There's a Doberman pulling a sled,--carrying police equipment to catch illegal mining camps. Queen Looseya is riding her gold poodle, patroling the mountains to monitor climate change, and protect mountains against coal exploration. King Dave is in his wheelchair, and he is walking his gray poodle that is too small for him to ride. However; this kingdom has a powerful law that prohibit use of coal and natural gas as a way to mitigate climate change.

There's Topsie pushing a cart of pastries with cups of tea, and she is also carrying a set of keys for a palace someplace, she is on your right.

On your left; there's Joseph, he's on a horse-drawn carriage being pulled by a large bulldog that isn't ridden by anyone just yet. Well, he's a strict Christian who is being moved to a city where it has a strict church. The carriage is brown with a design of a Christian theme like a set of angels, and a person who is currently at home. Joseph is NOT riding any poodles, but he is next to some kid who is NOT actually a Christian, and he is just bringing in strict Christians to a strict place.

The sky is blue with a frosty look,--indicating it's cold outside.

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