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This category, "Animal Ride" contains links to games that focus on riding animals. For example; a game that focuses on riding a dog away from a cruel owner who was accused of spanking her other dogs, and you have to stop the spanker,--before he/she strikes again. However; no animal should be spanked under any circumstances because, it's cruel, and inhumane!

However; you as a character must choose what you want to do... if you wanted to keep trust with your animal intact. Riding animals can be fun, but some people in the real world has used painful training methods to force animals to give rides, deprive them food, deprive freedoms, deprive breaks, and more. Animals needed to take a long break from giving people rides because, this is necessary for your animal what you are riding to sleep, eat, drink, and care with respect. At this case, you heard of an elephant who was forced to give rides, but a mahout who is responsible for caring for his/her elephant is most likely to be susceptible to being killed by his/her own elephant for using a bullhook, whip, or any of these cruel tools. Sometimes people has caused their animals to be overworked!

What's The Point Regarding Riding Animals?

We ride animals as a way to help us travel faster, or as other functions. Riding animals are amazing, except for these trainers who got their mounts overworked to their limits!


Why Do We Ride Animals

For the past years, we've been walking from one place to the another, this is common since years ago,--right before domestication of horses, and training elephants take place. All of that walking has caused us to use our energy like cars on the road. Before we have an ability to travel as fast as we travel today via riding animals; we only walked like other animal on a planet. Cavemen and our ansesters did all of that walking since we have an ability to walk on our hind legs. Imagine doing all of that walking! You can get a great exercise, but the catch is; you can use up all of your energy! That's life before we invented ways to ride animals, and a way to travel faster.

Riding animals help us reduce all of that walking, and enable us to travel faster, and reduce expensive running from dangerous events like natural disasters, war, and other uses. Sometimes, we often ride animals as a ritual, a religious practice, a cultural preference, or as entertainment.

Horseback-riding, bull-riding, camel-riding, elephant-riding, and even reindeer-riding has started to populate our world as our culture evolves. In Asia, people ride elephants to go places, Asian elephants are the known species of elephant used for riding in India, China, Thailand, and other Asian countries. In Africa, people either ride elephants or camels. Well, they don't ride zebras because, these animals are too small. However, a zorse can be a proxy for a zebra for riding. Elephants and camels in Africa are adapted to handle these harsh conditions. For this instance, camels are adapted to hot climates, and they have humps to be used as an energy supply. The camel's hump is a known part of a camel what a human sits on. People tamed and domesticated these animals for riding as a way to travel in a burning desert, and reduce a chance of losing energy when walking.

Elephants in Africa are ridden by people as a way to quickly travel through a forest, or reduce walking time. People has taimed these animals for riding. And these elephants have flapping ears to keep them cool in the sun. Unlike camels, they don't have humps, instead, they search for food, and they're adapted to swim in water, and use dust to stay cool in the desert.

An animal is trained for riding is often called a mount. Working animals has been trained by humans for thousands of years as they domesticate horses, dogs, cats, and other animals. Some people prefer to ride animals over driving a car because, they won't pollute as much, and they only require food as fuel, and water as an important source of staying hydrated. Whether if you don't own a car or truck, and you were a hardcore animal-rider, you can find animal-riding communities.

There are many ways how people ride animals, common methods are: riding bareback, using a saddle, using a howdah, and other methods. Tipically, people rely on bridles, and reins to help control steering of any animal, or in some cases, you can steer an animal without use of bridles and reins. Elephants don't need bridles, people use their feet to steer them, elephants have trunks that move, and they can use it for other functions. If you try to add a bridle to an elephant; this method of steering will not work! Elephants aren't built for bridles. Tipically, bridles are usually designed for horses, ponies, and other equines.

Common Myths

Some people in some continents believe Austrailians ride kangaroos to go places. All of that bouncing, and hanging on tight to a bouncy animal. Riding on her back, and you don't need a horse! You can ride her around some parts of Austrailia.

Turns out; people in Austrailia don't actually ride kangaroos!

Animals What We've Missed Out Today

All of that hunting, culling, and poaching has caused us to miss out these animals this big what we want to ride. Giant lemurs, mammoths, cave lions, and other animals that are extinct today are the consequences when you overhunt, or poach. But we've imagined riding these animals, and using it as a way to get our imagination productive, and use it as ideas to make movies, or write books. Have you dreamed of riding these animals? Here are the following animals what we've missed out today:


Wished you wanted to ride a large bird, and you like these kinds of animals? Moas used to live in New Zeland; they've been hunted by large carnivorous birds. Since New Zeland has no mammals living on it; it only had birds on this large island. People has came to New Zeland to setup settlements as their new home. However; these early settlers has overhunted moa, and cleared forests. Overhunting by humans has been a cause of missing out on these cool large birds what some bird fans who wanted to ride. However; you can imagine riding these extinct animals in your imagination!

Wooly Rhinocerous

If you like rhinos; and you were a fan of these animals with these large horns; this type of a rhino is extinct. Most likely this animal has been hunted for their horns as traditional medicine, and maybe meat. This species of rhino hasn't been farmed in the first place because, our ansesters has been involved in overhunting, and poaching. Since rhinos are too difficult to domesticate/taim, and there's no way to breed a specific breed of rhinos for other functions; they've hunted them down towards extinction.


This is an official ansester of cattle! And early humans has interbred this animal with a zeboo! Today, this animal is extinct because, poachers has been illegally, hunted them towards extinction,--after a last female aurochs has died, resulting to extinction.

Riding Animals In Religious Practices

There are some religious cultures who ride animals as a ritual, or as a religious activity.

In Hinduism, most Hindu gods ride animals as vehicles. Mice, rats, owls, peacocks, and other animals are ridden by Hindu gods. For example; a Hindu god, Ganesha rides a mouse. Tipically, mice in our real world are too small to be ridden by a person.

In Books

There are some books that feature characters riding animals in children's books, or any book via any audience. These animals can range from dogs to even reindeer! Tipically, in a fictional world, we can ride virtually any animal what we want to ride. Some authors include animals to ride as fine art in their story, or as an expression. For this instance, there's a book, Clifford the Big Red Dog, By Norman Bridwell. If you taken a look of a front cover of a book; there's a girl, Emely Elizabeth sitting on Clifford's back! Would it be fun to ride a dog this big? That can be fun. This book has been converted into a children's TV show for PBS.

Ride the Purple Pelican is a children's book that rhymes, and it's kind of like a poem, and it also feature riding animals. Tipically, a horse or unicorn is ridden, but other animals may be ridden. Riding a pelican can be amazing, but in the real world, pelicans are small birds, however; within this book, any animal can be ridden.

The Carousel is a story about a carousel that is kind of alive, maybe these horses are alive via a spirit, or something. These kids ridden this carousel after their parents died. This carousel has animals that can come to life.

Gaming Culture


In the world of videogames; we can virtually ride any animal. For this instance, you as a character riding a dog in a maze, or riding a wolf in the Arctic. We can ride these animals in a digital world, and we can train them to be ridden for other uses like racing, entertainment, travel, adventure, as an objective in some games with missions to complete, part of a puzzle, and more. If you can think about an animal in a digital world what you want to ride, and ride it like riding other animals... you can use your imagination to use your riding strategy as you play games.

In some games what you play; there are a limited set of animals what you can choose to ride. For this instance, Overlord is a known game where you have characters that can ride mounts like wolves, spiders, and salamanders.

Tipically, there are some games that used animals in warfair, and this is usually common on some videogames what you play.

Some games may feature your own view of you riding an animal. Your view may be limited, but an animal what you're riding can see for you.

As A Mode Of Therapy

Animal-riding can be set as an activities as therapy for some people in mental hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, group homes, and other places. Common animals can be ridden or ponies,--or mules. However; that requires a person to be NOT listed on an animal-abuser database. Tipically, a person must be checked before riding an animal.

Horse-riding as therapy encourages a person to interact with an animal. It usually takes place at a dedicated environment where horses run loose in a large herd.

In Sports

Horseback-riding, bull riding, donkey riding, cow riding, and sometimes pony riding has been integrated to sports. Horse racing is a known sport where you ride horses fast, tipically, jockeys ride horses fast, and they often compete in these equestrian sports. Although horse racing can be fun, but you have to be comfortable with high speeds when riding horses fast. Horses can go as fast as 40 mph; just like a speed of a tipical car. However; there are some sporting events where horses are trained to sprint for competition.

Bull riding takes place in rodeos, bulls are raised to buck off riders off their backs, a person who is participating in bull riding has to hang on tight to a bull for at least 8 seconds. Steers are the only animals to start off riding, and they have less of a temper. Tipically, you start off with either a steer, or a mechanical bull as you get ready for riding bulls.

Camel racing is the another sport; camels don't go that fast. And you ride a camel with a different format.

In our dream

In our dream world; we can ride virtually any animal because, we have an ability to shrink to fit, and ride a desired animal. Common animals we may enjoy riding are rabbits, mice, cats, dogs, ducks, geese, turtles, bears, deer, goats, sheep, dolphins, whales, tigers, lions, and even rats. Our dream world has a different mode of transportation for our villagers.

These animals can be controlled by you as you use your hands and feet to control them.

Some animals in your dream may have a meaning,--depending on your cultural community. However; there are some animals what we've ridden in common via the real world.

Everybody's dreams are different, and none of these animals are in a same format via each person. If you can picture yourself riding an animal in your imagination; you may get a chance of riding animals in your upcoming dream when you sleep later on. If you were trying to format a dream involving cats, and you wanted to ride a cat, try formatting your dream involving cats each night, then try imagine riding cats. It may take some practice, and it takes some time, and even days,--depending on a person.

Speaking about riding animals in our dreams, we can choose an animal to ride as we begin to sleep, and format our dreams. It can happen within these common factors, books can be read, art can be done, REM sleep after you go to bed, dream appearance, interaction, animal mounting, and controlling.

Books read by you or art created by you

Whether if you read/listened to a book about a desired animal, or a fictional story that focuses on a specific animal as a character. When you read/listen to books, you must read a book before going to sleep, your room must be free of bullies, and your room must be secure to prevent anyone from tamperring with your books/player. If you have a controlling brother/sister; who has no control of you; your brother/sister must leave you be. Big brothers and big sisters must learn to cope with smaller children. If you are a parent and you wanted kids to read books; encourage them to read as a wy to help offset, and extend the life of your television sets at home. This is necessary to help encourage children to sleep longer. If you were including a movie before bed as a mode of therapy for children, choose an original vintage movie what you've grew up with.

REM Sleep

After you go to sleep, and you think about a movie what you've watched; your dream may appear during REM sleep. During sleep; your eyes move rapidly, your eyes may act like a painting device that will paint a picture of your dream what you're trying to format. Eating certain foods before sleeping can help with REM sleep. Cherries contain a vitamin that may help with sleeping at night, having a cup of tea before bed is common in the UK or the USA. If there's no REM sleep involved; your dreams will not appear; once REM sleep has been established; your dream begins to appear. Your brain is still awake.

Dream Appearance

After REM sleep cycle; your dream begins to appear. Your dream may reflect a world where you are currently at, or it may reflect a world via a different place. For this instance, you may be located in a quiet town, or a busy city,--or on a boat.

If your dream is capable to be interacted; you can do anything.

Interaction... Animal Mounting... And Controlling

Tipically, you can interact with your dream, and you can do just about anything in a normal world. You can mount almost any animal. You can control an animal like normal.


There are many ride-on animals out there, but there's a different trend. Adults are now riding these toys,--just like kids do. However; this is tipically used as entertainment for our imagination! Before there was a trend; ride-on animal toys were just marketed to children. This is a traditional route for toy-making companies. If you grew up riding any of these toys, and you are an adult today. There are adult-sized toy animals what you can ride today, you can find them online. And There's a handful now these days.

Known Issues With Animal Welfare When Riding Animals

Some people has believed some trainers has forced animals to give rides, and caused them to be overworked. Having these animals overworked can be dangerous for riders, and themselves. Tipically, when an animal has done her work, she needs to take a break, have a snack, rest, and have normal vet appointments. Whether if you ride a horse, a cow, a donkey, an ostrich, or any animal; you have to give them breaks,--just like you give employees lunch breaks. PETA at the other hand, has investigated many establishments who work with animals has abused their animals for entertainment, for this instance, elephant rides offered at most fairs, and elephant camps. Nosey is a known abused elephant who was exploited by her owners, and trainers. This is what happens if you force animals to give rides,--all without any humane trainingg and strategic breeding:

  • An elephant may throw his/her rider when a rider is using a bullhook

    In India, many mahouts has been killed by their own elephants because, they've abused them, and deprived them food and water. Elephants don't forget because, they have a good memory. They can hold a grudge for a very long time. This risk can be prevented by starting off with toys that are large enough for riding, but the problem is; these toys are tipically targeted towards children. However; there is a trend for adult-sized toys for animal-riders who wanted to ride any animal. Well, mahouts has traditionally started off with real elephants, often stolen from the wild, or captured without any knowledge of training animals.

    According to Animal Planet's Untaimed and Uncut; a bull elephant in India has been going through musth; a mahout didn't pay attention in the first place. Signs of musth is clearly visible. Mahouts tie elephants to large trees to prevent them from harming themselves and people. Elephants often take revenge against owners for abuse.

  • A horse can buck you off

    Never force a horse to give rides, training a horse to be ridden can take some time. Doing this by force is only intended for the bad guys.

Sea turtles aren't built for riding at sea. No human has ever domesticated these turtles, and selectively bred these turtles for ease of care, or riding. Since most species of sea turtles are endangered... we have to save these turtles, and prevent people from forcing these sea turtles to give rides. Leatherback sea turtles have soft shells, enabling them to swim fast, and escape from predators. You think a sea turtle this large is great to ride, think again! Their bodies aren't able to bare the weight of a human because, there's no such breed of domestic sea turtles, and their backs are too fragile to handle her rider. Animals used for riding need to be bred for baring the weight of a human.

How is it possible for animals what you're riding needs to take a break?

If you ride your imaginary dog down the quiet street, and you were just arriving at your house, your dog may signal you to dismount as you prepare her some lunch and fresh water to drink. You are about 2 houses away from your own. And you discover other people riding their imaginary dogs.

You arrived at your house, and you dismounted your dog. You are enabling your dog to take a long break... maybe 3 days as a long break. Your furry partner stretches his/her legs to cycle reseting for the next day.

You provided your dog some food to eat, and water to drink...

You started to read a book as your dog eats his/her lunch.

You waited up to 4 days, and your dog is now fully reset,--ready to give you future rides again. You don't hit, and you don't yell at your dog because, you don't believe in other training methods that are barbaric!

Animals what we ride in our imagination are larger, and they're easier to manage because, they're virtually fed as they take long breaks.

For the past years, during the time we discovered a way to travel faster, we started riding animals to help us reduce all of the effort of traveling by walking. If we didn't ride animals... we'll be slow as a snail.

Common animals what we ride are:

Common Animals What We Ridden Today


We ride camels in deserts, and some places where horses are not able to work in a hot environment. Camels are adapted to survive in a desert. That's why people started riding these animals to help themselves travel further, and also use camel manure as fuel for the fire. Camels can conserve water better than any other mammal on earth. That applies to desert locations. You can also ride a camel as a trail animal, but food is necessary for these animals to be fueled up.


Donkeys can be ridden too, but they're designed to be slow, and they can be ridden as a slow relaxful ride, but many people has relied on these animals for many years. Mammoth donkeys are the known kind of donkeys can be ridden by any person.


Long trunk, can walk or run, and they are in many forms. African and Asian elephants are ridden by people, but many mahouts who train them has been forcing them to give people rides, and deprived them of food, and rest. Usually, an elephant only give a person a ride up to 15 minutes. This animal needs long breaks from giving people rides,--so they can reset themselves. Since elephants has been exploited for other uses, animal activists has been trying to stop abusers from forcing elephants to give rides. If you wanted to ride elephants, you may need to find the camp that is reputable, or find a fake elephant to ride.


This is a common animal what we ridden for many years, and there's lots of breeds what you can choose. Some horses are slow, and some are fast. And we ride them for any activity. You can run a race, work on your farm, explore the forest, or you can do tasks. Since these horses are formatted with any size from big to small, they can be excellent pets for people who have a large piece of land where they run a large farm.

Everyday... we ride animals in our imagination!

In our imagination, we ride just about any animal what we chose to ride. Some people has imagined riding rabbits, mice, rats, dogs, cats, reindeer, lions, tigers, bears, aardvarks, large birds, ducks, chickens, pigs, pangolins, geese, swans, turtles, lemurs, foxes, frogs, toads, skunks, kangaroos, wombats, panda bears, polar bears, insects, whales, seahorses, and even fish of any kind. We also feature animal-riding capabilities on most videogames, books, movies, TV shows, etc.

Riding animals can be a religious ritual, transportation, entertainment, or other functions in our imagination.

What is like to ride a dog in our imagination?

If we ridden dogs instead of horses, we can easily keep up with our canine allies. We don't need a leash to walk our dog at the park dedicated for people and their dogs. He/She can give us a relaxful, or exciting ride,--depending on your liking. We can choose a desired breed that will work for our imaginary dogs what we can ride in our imagination. And unlike horses, they don't buck, or get spooked,--and you don't need to change shoes... just trim their nails, and groom them normally.

Riding a dog may be almost like riding a live stuffed animal, but you don't need a saddle, and you can ride your imaginary dog bareback.

If you're not sure, you can build your own large rocking-dog, and customize it with your liking. Whether if you like your ride-on rocking dog, firm, or soft. If your toy is firm, it can handle the rider without effort. You can accomplish this by modifying a pattern that is designed to build your own rocking-horse.

What is like to ride a rabbit?

Rabbits hop as their way to navigate in nature. If we ride rabbits in our imagination, we can hop over gaps that are too impossible to go over. This is useful if you like bumpy rides, or you wanted to keep up with your long-eared furry bunny. Like what we mentioned above, you don't need a saddle, and you don't need a leash.

Riding rabbits can be great for navigating in forests what we're trying to protect. If you can't jump; these rabbits can be your replacement legs for jumping over gaps, and you can ride your bunny either as a working animal, or as a therapy animal,--or just for fun. However; you should always consider the following:

  • In the real world, rabbits what we own, or see in the natural world are small mammals. It takes a breeder multiple generations to develop a large rabbit to ride. At this case, we heard of the large breed of rabbits that are raised for meat, but you have to stay away from eating rabbit meat at all costs, and you also need to stay away from hunting rabbits because, if you want to gain trust with rabbits, you need to respect them. Religions where people worship rabbits may be available in your area, if not... start one up from scratch!
  • Starting off with a fake animal to ride, and being patient for your chosen breeder to develop a large rabbit to ride can take time. You should never rush it. Fake bunnies what you can purchase from a store can be a start, but you need to order a large size bunny for you to ride.
  • Go vegetarian altogether to help reduce pollution, and eat more vegetables as you can.
  • If you celebrate Easter, and you rely on activities via an Easter bunny, try not to eat rabbits.
  • If you own a rabbit, or you raise rabbits as a breeder, don't sell them as meat-producing animals.
  • Hopping and jumping what rabbits usually do is considered a bumpy ride, and you need to get used to it when riding rabbits in your imagination.

You can build your own ride-on bunny to match your imagination, and your format of riding a bunny. However; you can upscale spring-riders to your desired size to figure out what is like to ride a rabbit. You may need to do some planning, or have someone do it for you. If you chosen to have a metal version, it needs to withstand weight heavier than 220 lbs. for the best results. You can build a simulator, if you are an animal-riding person.

Games To Play

How many of you imagined riding animals? Try playing these games by choosing a game from the list below!

Let's Go!

Did You Know:

Animal riders who were riding their animals during these modern times didn't start off with simulated animals because, many coin-operated rides for kids were too small, and they don't look appealing to people who wanted to start off with mechanical animal rides,--before they ride real animals. If this is a case, you can create a petition to stop discrimination, and enable coin-operated rides with ride-on animals to be converted to larger formats for the older community.