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What's the point about animals in this category?

Around the world, there are many animals what we encounter each day, and there are many species what we know today, or currently studying. We've been around with animals, since our ansesters has interacted with them for years.

These animals play an important role for our planet earth, for this instance, bison graze on grass lands to keep the grass levels down, or a most important case; bees help pollenate our plants to help grow food, or take carbon out of our air what we breathe. Tipically, some of these animals can help keep nature in balance like tigers who hunt deer to keep deer population in a stable amount, frogs eat insects to help us live better, and offset use of swaters for swating flies, sea turtles eat seagrass to help other animals live, and help scare off jellyfish and other venomous pests, and more; and most importantly, some animals help clear away mess from the ground. Squirrels gather acorns to help us navigate the natural ground easily. Vultures eat up carrion to keep our nature clean. And even ancient wooly mammoths keep our planet cool.

Humans has started using animals for other uses like, riding, pack, working, or service animals. For this instance, elephants has been trained to be ridden, and work for other applications.

Some people has started farming animals for food, but this practice has been condemned by many vegetarians who don't support the meat industry.

In a gaming world; animals are awsome and they come in many species.

Animals what we missed out today

Today, we missed out these following animals because, overhunting, poaching, pollution, and even invasive species,--or in some cases, an extinction event that wiped out these animals.

Prehistoric animals what we've been studying are dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, and other animals what we've missed out today. These animals has died out many years ago. For this instance, people who have interest of dinosaurs has been digging up dinosaur fossils for many years, and assemble these bones in a large museum to enable visitors to see them. Well, dinosaurs aren't alive anymore! But modern birds what we see today are modern cousins of dinosaurs. During ice age, we've been seeing these animals that are big like mammoths, and other large animals. That applies to our ansesters who saw them first, and we're trying to bring back these animals. Think about a park in russia where they're trying to recreate a frozen tundra taken place in the old days where ice is everywhere. That is the time before we started to get smarter, and conserve animals. Hunting was a norm, but overhunting has caused many of these animals to go extinct, like mammoths, certain species of bison, and other animals.

There are some animals what people has poached to extinction like an aurochs,, this is an official ansester of our today's cattle.

However; we recreated these animals in a gaming world where we can use these animals as mounts, or as characters. For this instance, a dinosaur that is a character in some children's games, or other games what adults play. If you imagined there's dinosaurs in a world where a village is built; you can use them as working animals, or you can battle them,--if their dinosaurs that are malicious. However; not all dinosaurs are mean, some are friendly.


Some of us keep animals as pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, rats, frogs, horses, donkeys, cattle, fish, and birds. Many people own animals as a companion, or as a normal pet. Around the world, there are many cultures who keep certain animals as pets. Tipically, primates aren't kept as pets because, they live in a jungle. In order for animals to be suitable for pets, it takes years of domestication to develop a new breed of animals. For this instance, a wolf domesticated for years has been turned into a dog today, and a house mouse is turned into a fancy mouse. These animals has been domesticated for years.

It takes multiples of generations to convert a chosen animal from the wild to be converted to pets or any animal functions for other uses. For this instance, wild European rabbits has been kept by people for many years. Tipically, animals who were kept by humans were fed by humans. Breeding a chosen animal for a managable version of an animal has been established to enable us to rely on these animals for pets. If you ever owned a fancy rat, her earlier ansesters live in the wild, but captured by humans as a companion animal/pet during the earlier days. Since selective breeding of these animals is common. However; there are some animals who haven't arrived to a world with different pets what you can own. Domestic foxes are slowly arriving, these specially-bred foxes are still under development, and it can take many years for various breeds of domestic foxes to be available to own as pets.

Pets can be as big as a horse, or as small as a mouse. With big pets, you can ride them, with small pets; they can live in tabletop cages. Fancy mice are the known species of mice kept by humans in cages. Cattle, horses, and goats are kept in barns, or open fields.


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Contains text-based games that focuses on an animal, cat. We'll enter a virtual world with other felines. It's not limited to domestic cats, also big cats like lions, tigers, lepards, cheetahs, and maybe other big cats too!


contains text-based games that focus on dogs. We'll go into a virtual world with other dogs. WOOF, let's have some fun!


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Contains text-based games that focuses on an animal, rabbit. We'll be hopping into this virtual world, and maybe enjoy carrots as a snack. Watch before you jump, you don't want to crash to anything.

Jungle Animals

This section focuses on jungle animals like lions, tigers, and bears,--and don't forget elephants and monkeys.

What's the point?

Researchers are always on a mission to discover new animals on our planet. For this instance, a kangaroo is discovered in Austrailia. We as researchers who study animals on our planet learn about a habitat where an animal lives. Monkeys live in the forest, camels live in a desert, penguins live in ice and snow, whales live in the sea, and moose live in a Canadian forest.

We also oftten save these jungle animals from extinction.

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