Prototype Build Release For Poodle Ride Quest

The prototype build has been released with an initial version: 0.0.1 for full and sample versions this release address bug fixes, new features, and changes with this game.

Updates for this game will be posted in just 15 days or more. Expect maintenance during evenings.

Highlights Of These Changes

A changelog has been implemented as a way to help keep track of changes that are detailed.

Removed “How To Play” due to constant updates to this game.

Added a feature to read content between gameplays.

Fixed page where you land when a “Play/About” link is activated.

Game Sample Availability

Game sample will be available in the next few days. Be aware; a game sample will be under hard development as a full version of this game is fully developed.

What To Do When Issues Are Found

If you found any issues with this text-aventure game, please let us know by emailing a developer.

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