Text-Adventure Game Demo Arrival For Poodle Ride Quest

The demo version of Poodle Ride Quest has been scheduled for next Saturday. This demo has these features that enables you to play this text-adventure game,–before an initial release of a full game.

This game that is a demo is intended for players to try out our game, before we release a full version.

Please be on a lookout for our upcoming text-adventure game on our website. Be aware; this demo is only designed for trying out this game.

Full Version Of Poodle Ride Quest May Include A Donation Prompt Between Levels And Scenes

Starting with Poodle Ride Quest 0.1 or higher; donation prompts will be presented during gameplay. However; this game is supported by ads. This is necessary for people who don’t want to see ads on our website.

Depending on your gameplay; a donation prompt will appear, 25% proceeds will be donated to organizations; examples are: People For Bikes, Autism Speaks, or APH (American Printing House for the Blind).

These donation prompts are seemlessly implemented in a full version of this game. However; it’s optional to leave donations if you want to.

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