Work In Progress Update For Poodle Ride Quest

The Work In Progress (WIP) build has been updated to version; this release contains new features, bug fixes, and typo fixes. This release will be posted on The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade in several hours or so.

Highlights Of These Changes

Added donation prompts for players to support our work. Be aware 25% of donated proceeds go to and via a starting version of this game.

Added an FAQ page for players who are asking questions about this game. This is a starting release for this game as a way to help reduce bulk email volume of our customers.

Added a changelog for players to review changes of this game.

Updated a disclaimer page and other important pages.

Updated CSS for vertical screens for mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and other devices with smaller screens.

Experimental Features

Added story scenes folder to store long content to read to read between gameplays.

Placed ad unit below text content for sample version of this gamebook.

If you Found New Issues

Always visit our forums to file a bug.

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