Work In Progress Update For Poodle Ride Quest

The WIP version for Poodle Ride Quest has been updated to version This update highlights fixes to this game, and includes some bug fixes, and updates,–including new features.

Fix To A Donation Prompt

The link that should open in a new tab or window has been fixed. A typo has been found, and fixed to insure this link should open in a new window/tab.

New Feature: Accepting Tezos

Starting with this version; Tezos will be accepted when donating cryptocurrency. A Tezos address is now publically available.

Removed content that repeats with same content

Fixed bugs associated with links linking to pages with same content, causing an endless loop of going back and forth when using a warp center.

Lengthen Stories

Stories has been lengthened as a way to reduce all of that choppy gameplay experience (applies to full version).

Added more paragraphs to enrich this game with more content by 77% and ads by 23%.

Removed Characters From A Selection Prompt

Two characters who are NOT ready for use in this game has been removed, but newer characters will be implemented during later releases of this gamebook.

What To Expect With This Update?

updated choices, these choices will be updated, and these updated choices will be present as a way to help enhance playback of content.

CSS updates, CSS for this game will be updated with a layout change as a way to support screen sizes. Be aware; mobile designs will be coming later on.

Ads in this gamebook will be dynamically resized as a way to help optimize monetization. All ads will be placed above paragraphs of each page as a way to reduce clutter.

Bugs Being Fixed

Playhouse Mode may still have bugs while we’re focused on designing levels. However; these levels are going be designed like usual, behind the scenes.

Background Updates

With this version, updates will be posted during the evenings, or during the day. However; posted updates are usually posted as a way to fix bugs when possible. Always check the changelog for details.

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