Revision Update For Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade has been updated to an initial version:0.0.1. That applies to an arcade section of this website.

This update will be rolling out within the next 9 hours.

Highlights of these updates

Highlights are available on our official changelog for detailed changes.

Features being added are:

  • Minimal navigation bar for mobile devices. Such as removing the full bar of letters via the Browse section of this website.
  • Added CSS to elements for scaling on various device widths. Starting with standard large widths for screens.
  • Added an initial changelog.
  • Updated Terms and Conditions page to fully detail these terms when possible.
  • resized elements to fit on screens.
  • Relocated logo image to the images section of our server via the “i” subdomain.
  • Repurposed footer area for useful content.
  • Expanded categories with interesting and entertaining content.
  • Restructured pages to enable mobile device users to use this website with ease.

Expect slight changes when you visit this website. However; this website will be functional when updates are being posted.

Always test this updated version of this website when new features are present. Gamebooks are still present on this website when possible.

What’s Being Refined During Updates

Navigation bars, layouts, ad zones, and other elements will be fully refined when each update arrives as a way to refine our design of this website. Expect changes when visiting this website.


Advertising directly on this website will be implemented as a way to streamline our advertising feature for advertisers who want to advertise their content. product or service.

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