The Decline Of Kiddy Rides – What Happened?

Do you remembered riding on these machines since you are a little child? Well, I remembered, and they’re amazing. However; I’ve dreamed of riding a larger version of a kiddy ride,–featuring my character what I’ve created from imagination.
These kiddy rides were a hit for children in the 1990s or earlier. I remembered when I was riding a kiddy ride in an arcade, and they are many rides to choose, and they’re manufactured by companies who build these amazing machines. This industry was my favorite because, these rides are fun, and it’s kind of like going to a fair. Since this unit is portable, you can disassemble it from one location, and rebuild it at a new location. This coin-operated machine enables fairs to make some money, and keep their doors open.
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Text-Adventure Game Development:Cat Ride Quest

The text-adventure game, Cat Ride Quest is currently under development on our website via the arcade section of our website. This text-adventure game is a free-to-play game that is currently being built, and tested each day. We are also licensing our game under a Creative Commons license for anyone to remix our games. However; our text-based games being developed may take some time to be completed.

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