When Developing and Coding A Game… What Should I Write About This Game?

Okay, you have a clean slate for developing your game, and you are diving into coding your game that may someday become a new franchise what you are building from the ground up.

You are busy typing away on your keyboard, and you are using your imagination, and you have these following questions:

  • Can I write a game about solving puzzles?
  • Can I write a game that focuses on saving our planet?
  • Can my game have themes what I thought up from my imagination?
  • Can I place ads in my game for helping to reduce the burden of using credit/debit cards?
  • Can my game contain accessibility for screen-reader users?

These are the common questions what game developers asked. However; you may need to be careful NOT to add something into your game, and it can result your game being canceled, and land you in court. Here are the following items and topics what you should NEVER include in your game:

Don’t Add Pornography… Sex… Or Other Forms Of Sexual Content

Games what we make are designed to help our brains, but you should avoid pornography under any way. Pornography in games is considered taboo because, children don’t want to see these nasty stuff. However; these loopholes has allow porn to slip through the cracks. This is an issue for game developers who are aware of newer generation of developers who make a longest series of games ever. Pornography is potentially unwanted!

Also, you should NEVER include child pornography in your game because, that may result you having your game being recalled, and you may end up in prison. Especially most erotic games that contains hard erotica that is exploiting loopholes.

Unfortunately, sexualized characters has been popping up within children’s games, and loopholes are left open. Children being exposed to sexual content is a sign of thinking about normalizing viewing of sexual content as a minor. Minors should NEVER view such content when playing games. For this instance, certain princesses who are sexualized with sexually-provokative attire with more exposed legs, and cleavage. That also cause parents within poor communities to have this behavior. Children who are victims of sexual buse are most likely to consume this content. Sometimes, hypocritic platforms allow thiscontent to be catered towards kids and teens around the United States and other parts of a world.

If parts of a game contains a heroic action, like saving a young girl, and defeating an enemy who is a rapist, notify your players about why your game will NEVER glorify sexual violence, and add a phone number that is a hotline for people who need to get help, due to sexual abuse.

Don’t Write Games That Condone Terrorism

If your game is focused on preventing terrorism, and you have heros who are taking part to stop terrorism, don’t let people in your development team condone terrorism of any kind. If your game contain themes that are sensitive, such as terrorism, and your characters are helping to stop it; you may need to inform your players about sensitive nature of this game. Here are the following examples of helping to prevent/reduce terrorism:

A Hero/Heroin Who Brings Down Terrorists Who Attempt To Blow Up A City

If your character is a hero who is preventing terrorism from ahappening, and you are preventing a mass disaster of any kind, and helping to arrest terrorists who are wanted for their crime, insure your story is informative and educational with your game what you are writing.

If You Are Referring Certains Religious Terrorism What You’re Trying To Prevent

Always add a disclaimer that may contain content that refers to certain religion in your game. That way, your audience can be informed about your content, before they play your game. Always answer questions via forums.

Common religious terrorists are the following:

Also, don’t glorify terrorism.

Don’t Develop Games That May Lead To Suicide

Do you remember a bad game, Blue Whale Challenge? This is a known game that is linked to suicides, and a developer has been arrested!

Never develop games that lead to suicide, inducing suicide on anyone is considered illegal, and it may land you in prison for the rest of your life, and your ability to make games will be restricted or revoked. Games that lead to suicides is a known problem for gamers around the world.

If your game focuses on survival, you should be very careful, there’s no room for a gray area of this topic.

There are some games what I stumbled upon, and it has some sensitive topics like Inpatient. People who suffer depression are the amount targeted.

Don’t Code A Game That Condones Climate Change Denial

Climate Change denial is considered taboo because, we need to fight climate change during these days. If your game is focused on helping to prevent climate change. Your game must have a proper storyline, and proper characters who are at leat vegetarian (or vegan), not meat-eating characters.

If your game takes place in a certain world that is wiped by climate change, and you are trying to get this world restored, notify your players about harmful effects of climate change denial and climate change itself.

Don’t Code Games That Condone Mass Shootings At Places Like Schools And Other Places

School shootings, theater shootings, and other forms of mass shootings should never be condoned. If your game focuses on killing off zombies like Resident Evil, you must add a disclaimer, and add references that are links to dedicated websites that are designed to help raise laws that will render public places where we go to become gun-free places. Also, discourage your gamers from trying what they’re seeing onscreen at home, or any other place.

If your game requires your player to take certain actions to prevent school shootings, or any form of mass shootings, and save the day; always notify your players about a cause what you are supporting. For this instance; your character who rides a gray opossum, and stopping a gunman from firing his rifle towards people in a building, and bringing this gunman to law enforcement. If a player achieves a goal after stopping mass shootings, or any form of gun violence, a player can be rewarded with achievements… such as: watching a gunman being loaded into a police vehicle,–to prison, just like that!

If your game focuses on hunting carnivores that eat people, for this instance; hunting down a bear that eats people, inform your audience about safety when hunting, but discourage mass shootings and gun violence.

If your game contains advertisements; you may need to implement a privacy link for your players to view,–before they play your game.

Making your game takes time, and it takes lots of investment of time. You can set your reminder for making your game during your times out of work.

If your game is focused on solving puzzles, you may need to implement ways to make puzzles tricky.

If your game focuses on riding animals, you may need to find a way to time how much your player is riding an animal.

If your game is focused on combat, like Mortal Combat; you need health meters.

If your game focuses on adventure; you may need to implement a world.

If your game is focused on jump and run, like Super Tux… similar to Super Mario Bros; you may need to use your imagination, and experiment with your game setup.

Distributing Your Game

Don’t just rely on just 1 platform. Diversify your game to various platforms, like PCs (including Ubuntu Linux), Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Unfortunately, Nintendo is notorious of only porting their games to their own hardware. Exclusivity and easy money don’t always go as planned. Antitrust is a known issue to consumers like us. However; I usually build my own gamebooks and publish it on my website with advertisements embedded as a way to keep costs down, but I usually plan when to expand to other channels. Unfortunately, my games are only written in HTML, and it relies on open-source ad software to run my ads. Well, my games without ads can be used for people who want to play games that are offline. However; I don’t have any of my games dubbed just yet. I usually start off with my own platform that is small, and I do all of the uploading of my own gamebooks myself.

If you distribute your games to public libraries,–instead of relying on large online stores, you can have more of your revenue preserved like usual. Public libraries is one way to help reduce loss of revenue, and that’s what some large gaming giants don’t understand!

If you distribute your games to public libraries in the first place; that should’ve reduce the burden of mass producing cartridges, CDs, DVDs, and other media. That also help ease the cost of developing games, and broaden your audience.

Exclusivity is for people who want to be exclusive to a platform, and take risk of losing revenue.

Also, you need to port your games with strategy (even if you are a company).

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