Poodle Ride Quest Work In Progress Build Updates

Work In Progress Update For Poodle Ride Quest

Poodle Ride Quest has been updated to version for online version of this game. This game has the following changes, along with some fixes, and improvements. This updated game will be posted to our website within several hours, or a few days.

Changes To Expect

Changelog Has Been Moved To Reduce Bloat

This changelog will be placed on a dedicated subdomain as a way to help our game stay focused on gameplay.

About Page Reconstructed

The “About” page has been reworked as a way to help reduce clutter inside our gamebook. This page has been reworked when an html file has been added to a new folder as a way to restructure navigation as a way to sort important files.

CSS Fixes

CSS has been improved to add more effects for our designs.


The downloadable version of this gamebook is NOT available for download. Due to the design of this gamebook, this current version is only for online play. If you have lost an internet connection; you may need to reconnect to the internet as a way to continue gameplay.

If You Found Some New Issues

Always let us know if you found new issues with this gamebook. All issues are reviewed, and we try to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

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