The Real Nintendo Status

Don’t Be This Pirate… Gary Bowser!

Okay, I mentioned about Mathew Storman, a guy who runs Rom Universe, and he still has Nintendo’s content on his website, and I predicted Nintendo will seize his domain as a way to force him out of business, pirating their games. However; Gary Bowser is now in prison, but as I predicted within after his prison sentence, he won’t be able to publish his games to Nintendo, nor other platforms.

Okay, me, as a gamebook developer myself, I need to be extra careful on the internet because, pirates are lurking, and they’re ready to launch a sneak attack upon your work. Pirates usually find ways to hide, just like soldiers in the military!

Although; Gary Bowser Was Literally Busted By Nintendo

We’re NOT mentioning Bowser from Super Mario Bros, and it’s NOT Doug Bowser either! It’s Gary Bowser, who was recently extradited to the United States Of America for piracy, and… money laundering, and conspiracy.

The Future When Gary Bowser Is Released

Gary Bowser will be facing an injunction, the same way how Nintendo did to Mathew Storman. And what I predicted, Nintendo will literally ban Gary Bowser from submitting games to their platform. Well, Gary Bowser, part of Team Xecuter should’ve created games for these mod chips, as an oppose to pirating games. Now, he isn’t able to partner with Nintendo,–if he started a new business.

My Predictions:

Gary Bowser may be a consultant for spreading awareness about piracy, and help to reduce it. Or he may start a software firm for his platform, but I am not sure about what he will start a company. Well, he can create a platform that is an alternative to Nintendo.

However; I predicted Gary Bowser will make his own games, and try to sell his games via his own store, and port it to PCs and other platforms.

However; Gary Bowser will end up with a piece of software or hardware fitted into his future computer to monitor his cyber activities to prevent him from pirating other content. Well, he needs to have this piece of software fitted to his machine to track his activities.

Maybe Nintendo will place Gary Bowser on a blacklist on their website as a public blacklist.

Also, I predicted Nintendo will seize Team Xecuter as a way to take out these pirates altogether.

My Thoughts

My Thoughts Of Nintendo Chasing Gary Bowser And Suing Him For Piracy

My thoughts of Nintendo suing Gary Bowser is like capturing these pirates who stole cargo from the other ship. It’s kind of like rounding up these pirates who attempt to bypass customs, trying to reach land.

Gary Bowser, a known pirate gives me an example why you should avoid piracy like this.

I didn’t know Nintendo is extremely powerful, but good!

Maybe Nintendo will pirate his content to give him a taste of his own medicine, and Nintendo will seek revenge against Gary Bowser, even if he makes his own game. If that happens, that will be something!

My Thoughts Of Gary Bowser Being End Up In A Slammer

My thoughts of Gary Bowser end up in the slammer is kind of like scuttling a pirate ship that was used to rob cargo from other ships. As a ship was scuttled, it turns into a reef, that will make a home for some fish, and even help the environment. It’s kind of like winning the war by capturing ships.

Scuttling that pirate ship will enable us to have some fish to eat via sushi dinner, and that will also regain more quantities of fish that live in the sea. That will also implement a sustainable source of fish to eat.

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