Despite Nintendo Ordered Mathew Storman To Remove All Of Nintendo’s Work From His Server And Shut down Rom Universe… His Site Is Still Standing With Illegal Items Intact!

Although; I was inspired by Nintendo’s effort to shutdown this website, and I called them about an update for their content still on Mathew’s server. I gave them a call, and I waited for days, or even months for Nintendo to take further action. Despite me, practicing making my own games with various techniques… I am still aware of losses what Nintendo has experienced financially. Well, this is what happens if you don’t have some of your games what you’ve made be distributed to public libraries. If Nintendo distribute their games to public libraries in the first place, that should’ve soften the blow to their revenue, and help midigate losses with this strategy. Public libraries play a key role for people who don’t have money to own any game on cartridges or discs. Well, this is my preferred way to help midigate the burden of relying on people using payment cards to purchase my games what I make. Well, we are focusing on an update to an illegal ROM site what Mathew Storman is still running.

Well, what about the another site… later article from now!

My findings?

Rom Universe, owned by Mathew Storman is still standing, and illegal files are still there, and I will NEVER risk downloading these files because, malware, and other disgusting files may be present. Well, it’s his responsibility to remove ALL of Nintendo’s intellectual property, ordered by the court. However; he failed to do so, and he may be end up in serious trouble. About last year; he was bombarded with a permanent injunction by Nintendo.

Although; to prevent myself from being tracked by this website, if analytics is installed, I use a private browser tab to take a closer look for analysis. Logo work, and even graphics for Nintendo games are still there. Well, it’s getting closer to 1 year from Mathew Storman’s failure to remove their work. Essentially, Mathew Storman isn’t able to play any unauthorized Nintendo games of any kind. Unfortunately, Mathew Storman isn’t able to publish his own game to Nintendo because, if he attempted to create a developer account with them, he may be turned away by them, and a denial of having an account is predictible.

So, if he removed all of the Nintendo content from his website right now; he should’ve complied in the first place. In fact; he’s in comtempt of court, and he may end up facing prison time, or he will be placed on probation with the following conditions like finding employment, community service, have an electronic monitoring device or software installed on his machines (including servers), and NOT create an account with Nintendo. For Mathew… playing Nintendo games,–along with writing about games what you play is a privilege, and you lost it indefinitely!

What If Mathew Storman Makes His Own Games In The First Place?

Okay, it’s okay to make your own games, but in order to have Nintendo games on your website; you must have permission from Nintendo, and pay royalties to them. You need to pay royalties as a way to have people and companies who create games to have money in their pocket for the following essentials like food; licensing to pay to other people, royalty payments, cost of living (excluding automobile expenses), transportation (public transportation only), etc.

Making your own game is okay, but piracy is NOT, and that’s what he don’t understand. This is what happens if you don’t find quality education for your children, and that’s what some parents who don’t understand.

Why He Should Make His Own Games?

The idea of owning your own website, is to create interesting an unique content, and be creative. He can sell his own games what he can make, but he must have audience. He can port it to any console of his dream, and continue earning his income, the legitimate way. Although; you need to invest enough time as you make your own game from scratch. W3 Schools is one stop shop to learn to code with various languages like HTML, CSS, C++, etc.

That should’ve enabled him to avoid troubles with Nintendo in the first place! If he earns more money with his work; he can port his games to Nintendo devices, and make more money.

Why He didn’t Make His Own Games… But He Pirated Nintendo ROM files?

Unfortunately, he is kind of lazy, and he is too lazy with his projects. He should’ve obtain permission from Nintendo for using their works. What I’ve mentioned earlier; he must pay royalties!

What If He Made Games Today?

If Mathew makes his own games, and sells his own work; he must set aside his earned money to Nintendo asattachment of earnings. Essentially, he’s virtually in debt. However; even he makes about $500,000 monthly; he must owe Nintendo lots of money, and that will take him years for him to pay up.

What I believe, Mathew Storman is literally eating “bland” food like PBJ and other irritating food items.

As I predicted; he won’t be able to visit Super Nintendo World, or any other Nintendo establishments. That means; he will be denied entry.

Here’s what Mathew Storman should do instead of pirating games:

Don’t Try To Create An Account With Nintendo For Publishing Games

With an injunction against him; he should NOT have an account with them.

Don’t upload videos of you playing Nintendo games

You are literally cut off from these communities who play Nintendo Games. World Of Long Plays, and other gamers for this instance, long play games and upload to YouTube. If Mathew did this, Nintendo can simply just take down his videos like usual.

Also, he isn’t able to make a video of himself at Super Nintendo World because Nintendo’s staff may recognize him, and order him to leave this establishment like usual.

Stick With Making Your Own Games

Don’t be lazy, make your own games and publish them on your own website, but you can’t port them to Nintendo devices, such as Nintendo Switch!

My Thoughts Of Helping Out Nintendo Shutting Down This Pirate

My thoughts of letting them know by phone is a key thing what I am doing: “If you see something, SAY SOMETHING!”

If Nintendo continues to see Mathew’s website with their work; they have an option to seize his domain, and that’s what I want this company to do, and give it a new lease of life. Well, having pirated content on my server; after buying this website may drive up liabilities, and I must clean up this entire server. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough room for this domain on my server.

I have a dream of making my own Nintendo game, and my goal is to make a new kind of game concept for blind gamers around the world.

Eventually, Nintendo will hold this man accountable for failing to remove their work from his website. Nintendo is pretty protective of their works.

So, that jazzed up Mathew’s reputation of running his website, well, he lacks a job, and he needs to find one that is suitable for him. With all of that piracy, he should’ve signed up for an affiliate program offered by Nintendo. If he done it in the first place; he should’ve earned legitimate income in the first place. But now, he isn’t able to use Nintendo indefinitely. If he started his new business; he can’t work with Nintendo because, he may be identified as a business owner.

If Mathew started a website correctly, just like I did; he should’ve create interesting and unique content.

Maybe Mathew Storman can make his own game for me to play on my Ubuntu machine. Or maybe you can make a game for me to play.

If I became a new Nintendo character in the future, what they will name me?

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