What Game Should I Make For My Fans/Players?

Great! You have a game what you’ve made from scratch, ideal for arcades, or gaming consoles. However; some people are NOT sure about what games they should make. Well, making a game takes investment of time and creation. That also require you to add accessibility.

Common Questions

  • Can I make a game that focuses on riding animals (not using wheeled vehicles and sleds)?
  • Can I make a game about preventing abuse?
  • Can I make a game, and put ads on it?
  • Can I make a game that focuses on zombies,and try to remove them from the city like most shooting games?
  • Can I make a game that only focuses on education, and requiring accessibility?


You can make a game for your players/fans, as long your game abides to your local governing laws in your area (excluding jurisdictions that condone rape culture and other human rights abuses). However; you may need to think twice when making a game, and publishing to these platforms. Even 1 wrong move can result your game being canceled, and land you in court. Here the following topics that are illegal to add to your game:

  • Child pornography (period)
  • Rape (period)
  • Bullying, spanking, and other plots to invoke violence
  • “Honor” killings (includes middleeastern territories that allow this practice)
  • Content that condones war crime
  • Copyfraud (period)
  • Death threats against anyone
  • Plots to shoot up schools, arcades, restaurants, etc.
  • Content that condones terrorism
  • Content that condones spanking of children, animals, etc (religion is no exception, nor excemption, not limited to cultural practices societal reasons, etc)
  • Content that contains instructions for making bombs and other weapons
  • 3-D printed gun parts
  • Content that glorify gun violence
  • Content that glorify spanking of children, animals, etc

If you want to make a game, make a game, and use your imagination. Take your time, and code with strategy.

If your game includes advertisements for generating revenue; check with your ad network for any possible requirements for implementing ads in your game, or if you rely on your self-hosted ad server; you may need to design ads for your game like usual. It does require knowledge of code, and you need to check with your software, or server provider for guidence for running ads.

If your game includes a mechanical device, such as a character to ride, you must have this character large enough for adult audiences, and keep kid-friendly features intact. This is necessary to have a diverse audience. For example; your game focuses on riding a seahorse-like character, it needs to be large enough for an adult to ride.

If your game focuses on a shooting genre; add a disclaimer for people who were victims of gun violence, and you must add a message for people to be aware of gun violence, and your content will NEVER glorify gun violence, and gun safety should NEVER be taken lightly, and your game should NOT be used as an instrument for launching gun violence in schools, parks, places of worship, and other places. If your game takes place in the arcade, try to add an age gate as a way to help keep children at bay.

If your game focuses on driving, inform your players about dangers of automobile dependency, and dangers of high CO2 levels, and be aware of climate change, and climate change should NEVER be taken lightly. Driving a vehicle should be a job, not as a personal form of commute!

If your game is focusing on saving children from being trafficked by sex predators to facilitate illegal slavery and sex slave trade, inform your players about safety for your children, and your content will NEVER glorify this practice, and efforts to prevent trafficking should NEVER be taken lightly.

If your game focuses on wrestling, be sure to add a safety briefing video first.

If your game includes controls that are mechanical; always arrange them for ease of play.

Most importantly; accessibility is mandatory as a way to comply with accessibility laws for compliance.

If your are porting your game to an arcade, it requires specialty manufacturing, and you must order special spare parts to keep maintenance with your machine. Always enable your fans to have a chance to make games for this machines too.

If you want to use anyone’s characters in your game, obtain licensing from other developers of these games that you only trust, or go for royalty-free solutions that are available.

Antitrust should NEVER be glorified.

Always choose fans, audience, and other people over profet.

If you were publishing your game to libraries, do it! That help reduce the burden of people purchasing games from stores.

If your game contains sensitive content like references to religion, always add a disclaimer.

If your game focuses on saving children from being spanked, inform your players about why spanking should be condemned, and efforts to prevent child abuse should NEVER be taken lightly!

If your game has a donate button, inform your players about the purpose of using these funds what you’ve received from your players. This is necessary to ensure your money is being used for legitimate use. Most non-commercial entities charities, religious organizations, churches, and other entities use this strategy.

If you offer achievements, offer them.

If you are company who manufacture hardware and games, listen to your customers, don’t just focus on corporate dictatorship and money.

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