Text-Adventure Game Demo Arrival For Poodle Ride Quest

The demo version of Poodle Ride Quest has been scheduled for next Saturday. This demo has these features that enables you to play this text-adventure game,–before an initial release of a full game.

This game that is a demo is intended for players to try out our game, before we release a full version.

Please be on a lookout for our upcoming text-adventure game on our website. Be aware; this demo is only designed for trying out this game.

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Strategic Revival Of Retro Games

So, your company bragged about a new colsole taking off in the market, and your company renders other consoles obsolete,–causing electronic waste, and more people to buy new tech. However; continuing to sell older consoles, or revive previous versions of these game consoles with native hardware,–or porting to PCs as an alternative option is key to enable your company to reach more platforms. For this instance, your text-adventure games what you developed are mainly designed for either PlaStation… well, I am familiar with this console,–after Nintendo, and Sega.

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A Message To Mathew Storman: Never Pirate Nintendo’s Work! Make Your Own Games Instead

Although; Nintendo has won a lawsuit against Mathew Storman, and he’s ordered to remove all of Nintendo’s work from his website, and he faced an injunction. Although; Mathew doesn’t have any employment like working at any place to work at,–except for Nintendo. Although; pirating anyone’s work is NOT a good idea. I think Mathew is too lazy to make his own games from scratch. However; he stole Nintendo’s games and other work. Despite me… a fan of Nintendo myself; I wouldn’t do the same what Mathew does.

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Strategic Text-Adventure Game Monetization

Monetizing your text-adventure game is one way for developers to make money with their games what they make themselves. However; common ways how we monetize text-adventure games are selling copies on discs, or downloads that are available on the internet. However; if you have a choice-based text-adventure game written in html; you can implement ads on it. However; being dependent only on 1 ad network is not a good thing to do. Instead; you must diversify ad networks what you are using. Thanks to Revive Ad Server… you can diversify your ad code with ease. This is necessary to divide your revenue streams to make it easier for you to monetize your text-adventure game.

Although; people just stick with one ad network; if your account is unlawfully terminated, and your revenue is lost; you can still rely on other ad networks. These ad networks that are alternatives have requirements to be fully set for monetization for your text-adventure games on your website. If you published one title, and you have players playing it aroundthe world; you may need to enable people play your games without accounts. Playing games without needing accounts is key for your visitors to play your games without needing to make purchases, or subscribe to your service.

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