The Attack Of The Russian Pirates After Sanctions

Many game developers may experience issues when piracy has been legallized in Russia,–after sanctions has struck Russia hard. Well, me as a gamebook developer myself has to be extra careful when I write gamebooks from scratch, or rely on software that enables me to write gamebooks with ease. However; many of these game publishers may experience endless losses, causing them to experience financial difficulties,–just like me who is experiencing this difficulty.

Although; relying on DRM doesn’t just cause issues with some hardware, that also pollutes our environment. DRM costs more!

Why This Is A current Situation

Imagine, you were dependent on on Nintendo as your preferred platform, you are susceptible to pirates in Russia, and you may experience this difficulty. Unfortunately, Japan, USA, and other parts of the world has imposed sanctions against Russia after starting an unnecessary war in Ukraine. Well, Putin doesn’t deserve to play Nintendo games because, he has been causing trouble. Vladimir Putin doesn’t deserve to be a Pokemon trainer, and he doesn’t deserve to enjoy Super Mario. If Vladimir Putin has been finally extradited, he won’t be able to cause further trouble. However; Putin won’t be able to develop games either.

Although; I’ve been viewing news articles about Gary Bowser who was extradited to the United States of America, but how about these other Russian pirates. If Russia was officially caught for pirating Nintendo’s games; Russia can be in serious trouble, and Russia has to owe Nintendo over $999,000,000,000! If this is the case; Russia will be banned from Nintendo indefinitely, and that can leave a financial blow to Russia itself. Although; I am aware of Russia’s illegal hacking schemes that rob our data each day. And these hackers often take our money.

Not just Nintendo may be end up being pirated by Russia, Sony, Microsoft, and even other independent game developers may experience this issue too!

PC gamers may experience some legitimate downloadable files being swaped for pirated versions when Russia pirates each game, and make counterfeit discs, cartridges, and even consoles.

Well, I own a Linux PC, but I don’t download games to play offline because, I don’t usually download offline games to play. I am heavily dependent on the internet, and I develop my own games from scratch. However; my ability to make my own games may be slowed by Russians who are notorious of pirating games during these days.

What If Piracy Continues After Ukraine and Other Allies Won The War

Losses continues to mount, and debts may rise. However; game publishers have the right to hold the Russian government accountable for allowing piracy to be left off the hook. However; sanctions continues to mount, and activists will be removed from prisons.

Vladimir Putin will be either be extradited to Japan for pirating Nintendo’s content, if he was extradited to this country, he may be facing life in prison, or he may be executed for war crimes.

If Vladimir Putin was extradited to the United States of America; he may be end up placed in the most secure prison in Colorado, such as: ADX Florence, a notorious federal prison where terrorists and killers are housed. And speaking about that prison, Vladimir Putin will be experiencing these difficult times.

Virtually, all of these Russian pirates will be extradited to United States of America, or Japan as a way to hold these pirates accountable.

What If These Russian Pirates Were End Up In Prison In The United States?

If these Russian pirates has been sent to prison in the United States, that will be an extreme overcrowding conditions, or it may be a specific prison where these pirates should go to.

However; these Russian pirates will be end up facing civil damages, and fines.

However; with all of that extradition will cost more of our tax dollars in the USA, or parts of our world.

What You Should Do?

Be very careful when publishing new games, speak to your support staff who will help you prevent pirates from robbing your work.

Use public libraries as your mode of distributing your games to play to midigate the burden of using payment cards, or other means.

Use strategy to port your games.

Speak to your team about preventing your work from being pirated by these Russian crooks.

Don’t gouge prices.

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