[Announcement] The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade Is Undergoing Maintenance As We Continue To Develop Gamebooks & Boycott Russia

Okay, I haven’t posted for a long while because, I have work to do, and I must do other things. However; I am planning on making new gamebooks. However; I must work on my projects what I am currently working with. Well, The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade website itself is getting a slight makeover because, we are trying our best to make it easier for mobile device users to use our website. However; this makeover may take some time, and we will do our best to clean up parts of our website.

Why Does A Makeover Is Needed?

That applies to implementing mobile styles for mobile devices such as cellular phones and other devices with small screens. The iconic light on dark color scheme is here to stay as we find ways to revamp our website to make our website scale to any screen size. Be aware mobile screen width will experience this. Desktop designs will be the same with slight changes.

The following features will be implemented during the makeover for this website:

Redesigned Navigation Bar By Letter

Earlier forms of our navigation by letter is crude, but refinements are necessary as a way to reduce clutter on our website.

The navigation bar will be truncated as a way to support smaller screen sizes via portrait orientation. Smaller mobile screens will be supported in the future as a way to help users navigate on our website.

Game listings will be slightly different as a way to help reduce clutter on our website. This is important for some gamers who come to our website to have an easy experience when finding and playing games.

Support For Self-Hosted Ads Via Our Own Ad Server

Starting with this revision, an ability to post ads to promote engaging gamebooks will be possible.

Here are the following websites that will be supported:

  • Other websites where gamebooks are available

Reconsidering Efforts To Midigate Difficulties On This Website

We are still on our hard work with our strategic design as a way to keep this website up to date. However; this website is intended for mass play for our gamebooks that are supported by ads.

Accessibility Improvements

Title attributes for certain div elements will be implemented as a way to help screen-reader users navigate on this website. Be aware; virtually most parts of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade is accessible for the blind. This is necessary to abide to accessibility guidelines.

Games Are Still Free To Play

To help reduce the burden of use of credit cards; ads are important to provide premium content for players like you. No account is necessary, and this text-based website is designed for heavy gamebook players. No images or video is provided as a way to help combat price gouging, and help the poor enjoy games.

Saying Good-Bye To Russia Forever

Unfortunately, Russia has been involved in war crimes, just like this current situation. We decided to virtually shut our doors in Russia because, this is an effort to condemn Putin for his cruel acts!

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade will no longer offer digital downloads on our store website, applies to Russian customers in Russia. Also be aware; we will NOT support any player in Russia. If you were recently playing our games in this nation what we no longer support, here are the following things what you should do:

Move To A different Country

There are a handful of countries available to move to,–even if you renounced your Russian citizenship. Here are the following choices that may interest you as a way to keep with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade:


Japan is a great country to move to. Well, I never went to Japan in mhy life. This is an alternative to Russia! It’s home to the Pokemon franchise, Nintendo, Sony, and even Japanese culture.

Unlike Russia, there are jobs available. You get access to natural bauties of Japan. You can also find restaurants, and other places what you can only find in Japan.


Canada is above USA, and it’s home to Canadian culture, and it’s also home to the Canadian wilderness. However; you can find jobs there too!

If you are already in Canada; you can just play our gamebooks like normal.


Other Countries To Move To:

  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • France
  • China
  • Italy
  • Portugal

If You Moved To These Countries, and you are a Russian Player who play our games; it works the best to set any of these recommended countries as your new home for years to come.

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