Weekly Build For Opossum Ride Adventure

A Weekly Build for Opossum Ride Adventure has been updated to version 0.0.1 for the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade. The following build is going to be an update for this text-adventure game.


Replaced AdSense Ads With Independent Ads Via Ad Server

This update is important to help preserve privacy, and break Google’s monopoly of ads being sent to our website pages,–to our viewers.

Longer Reading Experience

All text-adventure games are designed to be read like a long book for the purpose of keeping our users remain playing our games. This is key to insure our games are being played with a longer experience. However; this is key to lengthen our stories.

Refined UI

UI has been refined to insure anyone has an ability to play our game what we’ve mentioned. UI updates is key to fix faulty designs, and add new features.


This is a planned update, this update to this game will not be posted, until 3 weeks has been passed. An actual update may be a nightly build when possible.

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