A Message To Mathew Storman: Never Pirate Nintendo’s Work! Make Your Own Games Instead

Although; Nintendo has won a lawsuit against Mathew Storman, and he’s ordered to remove all of Nintendo’s work from his website, and he faced an injunction. Although; Mathew doesn’t have any employment like working at any place to work at,–except for Nintendo. Although; pirating anyone’s work is NOT a good idea. I think Mathew is too lazy to make his own games from scratch. However; he stole Nintendo’s games and other work. Despite me… a fan of Nintendo myself; I wouldn’t do the same what Mathew does.

I stumbled upon series of articles discussing this topic. Well, I don’t pirate content… just like this guy. Instead, I always create interesting and unique content.

What’s Wrong With RomUniverse?

This site has pirated Nintendo’s content, including XBOX, and other platforms. Boy, Microsoft, Sony, and other gaming giants will ram Mathew down with lawsuits, injunctions, and other factors. As I took a look of this website, I was shocked because, he is making money off of piracy. I’ve encouraged Sony and Microsoft to take action because, if they lost revenue,–due to piracy, this is NOT going to be good! I’ve grew up with Sony’s PlayStation, and discovered XBOX by Microsoft.

I’ve never heard of this website, and I will NOT use this website, until Mathew Storman removes Nintendo’s work. He should’ve created his own games instead. If he wanted to support Nintendo in the first place; he should’ve created an account with them, and develop his own games, or obtain licensing from Nintendo for his website. Creating your own games on your website does take time, but you can still make money with your own content. Well, I am still taking my time making text-adventure games by writing them in HTML, my preferred programming language. I write content like a book, and I write text-based content like a pro!

Although; Mathew Storman must remove Nintendo’s content from his website tomorrow, otherwise; he may be end up facing more consequences. He is still trapped with lots of money what he should owe to Nintendo. If he wanted to have a redundant source of income, he should’ve created his own games from scratch, or write a book,–or even find a job within his region where lives. If he found a job, Nintendo can request his employer to garnish his paycheck, or request a bank where he currently works with to levey his account,–until judgement is successfully paid. Although; he is unemployed, and he relies on SNAP (or food stamps). If he lived in Kansas… like I do, he should’ve started working at either OCCK, or Walmart, etc.

If Rom Universe still continues to exist, that will be a nightmare, and I’m aren’t able to play my dream Nintendo games in the future because, I am a fan of Nintendo. If Nintendo has been badly blown by this pirate, this is not going to be good, and I am aren’t able to keep up with my favorite franchise in the future. I felt bad for Nintendo!

Why Did Mathew Launched A Storm Of Piracy On His Website?

I am not sure about his pirating habits. And that’s not a true way to run your website. However; he has no business hosting these ROM files on his website, unless he either created his games himself, or obtained licensing from other developers who make their own games. Mathew should’ve made his own game first. However; he’s too lazy to make his own games.

This kind of a piracy has gone to a whole new level!

Will Mathew Survive This Harsh Blow From Nintendo

I am not sure about this, but he has no money to pay back Nintendo. Does Mathew Storman know anything about the effects of piracy of his own content? Well, I am not for sure about this.

What If Nintendo push more of their impact towards ROM Universe by pirating Mathew Storman’s content as Revenge?

If that happened, that will be a major payback what Mathew Storman may face. But I am not sure if Nintendo has implemented this strategy to force this pirate to pay them back.

What If ROM Universe Continues to Be Active?

If Mathew removed all of Nintendo’s content; and create interesting and unique content like I do, he must send all of his earned dollars to Nintendo as a way to owe them money. However; he must pay up, and find ways for himself to support himself. Typically, making money with your own content what you create from your imagination is key to be unique. My thoughts of Nintendo forcing ROM Universe to remove Nintendo’s content is like forcing a greedy landlord to do all of the repairs to his home, and living in his own property that isn’t maintained the correct way.

I aren’t able to make friends with this guy because, he must’ve harmed Nintendo to the breaking point.

If ROM Universe is successfully owned by Nintendo, the can repurpose it as a new product, or something different.

If Mathew was forced to transfer ownership of his domain to Nintendo, that would be a powerful blow to his piracy career. And he isn’t able to run his website on his server, but he can use free platforms like Blogger, WordPress (hosted version), etc. If he uses these platforms; he must abide to their TOS and Privacy Policies per each platform. And They do take piracy very seriously.

Looks like Mathew Storman isn’t blasting off again. Wait a minute! He can’t blast off because, he doesn’t have any rockets at this moment.

This is an open letter what I am writing to Mathew Storman:

A Message To Mathew Storman

To Mathew Storman:

I am writing to you, regarding your website, and you’ve been pirating Nintendo’s content, and anyone else’s content, and you didn’t create your own content in the first place. Although; Nintendo has implemented an injunction against you and your website RomUniverse, you must remove all of Nintendo’s content imkmediately, this is not a way to host ROM files on your website, these files don’t belong to you. Your own content didn’t exist, such as: your own posts what you write something that is your own work like fictional stories, your own games what you create from scratch, etc. You’ve got yourself into serious trouble with Nintendo’s content, and you made a career off of piracy, and this is not a way to run your website. Also, your website is designed to be unique like my website. However; you need to create your own content, and use your brain and your imagination. Well, you were end up banned from using Nintendo’s work, and you are end up without any Nintendo games. You should’ve obtained licenses before you use any of Nintendo’s work.

If you wanted to run your website properly, and keep your website out of other trouble, always create your own content, but you must remove all of Nintendo’s work first. If you don’t you may end up losing your domain, your intellectual property, and even your entire server via a company who host your website. Now you’re a low income person like me, and you must find other ways to keep yourself financially stable. However; there’s no second chance from Nintendo, and once they’ve imposed an injunction against you and your website, you aren’t able to obtain licensing or permission from Nintendo, and you aren’t able to possess Nintendo’s intellectual property, but your own intellectual property.

Be aware, you can’t create a Nintendo account because, you are now their enemy.

If you aren’t able to send money to Nintendo; find a job, but be aware; garnishments may occur!

If you want to host ROM files on your website

Create your own games from scratch. Don’t take anyone’s ROM files and offer downloads these items that legally don’t belong to you. If you want to have someone’s ROM files; always obtain permission and properlicenses. If you create your own games that are ROM files, always create your own games and other content.

Never rip data from game catridges and other media, and don’t attempt to sell these ROM files extracted from these media types to your subscribers who suscribe to your services. If you made your own games, and built your own game cartridges that contain your own work… do that instead. However; you decided to do it anyway, but I discourage doing this.

This open letter what I’ve written above is a message to this pirate, and I hope this pirate switch gears, and create interesting and unique content, and stop pirating altogether. However; I don’t support his piracy career because, this is how NOT to run your website.

What Mathew Storman creates his own games like I do?

He can do that! And he should create his own game like a pro.

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