Playhouse Mode Update for Poodle Ride Quest

The “Playhouse Mode” feature for this text-adventure game has been implemented to improve interaction and fixed possible issues. This is a delayed nightly build for this game. This update will be replacing an older version of this game that has possible issues when playing this game.

Highlights Of This Update

  • Added folders for cordinates for ease of updating content – This update is necessary to prevent clutter of these files that may be too impossible to find when editing existing files for posting updates.
  • Fully replaced Google AdSense with self-hosted ad zones for ease of changing out ad code.
  • Added more description to make it easier for players to use their imagination when playing this game.
  • Fixed typographical errors when editing paragraphs.
  • Refined compass directions and cordinates for rooms and other areas.
  • Refined “Warp Center” for easier play of this game.

Screen-Reader Support

This text-adventure game is tested with the following screen-readers:

  • Chromevox – Chromevox on Chrome OS reads content on your screen. Sticky mode must be enabled for playing this game.
  • Narrator – This screen-reader by Microsoft has been updated. Requires scan functionality to be activated.
  • NVDA – This is a screen-reader that is tested swhen playing this game. Browse mode must be enabled for playing this game.
  • Orca – same function like NVDA.
  • TalkBack – Only works with FireFox.

Resolved Issues

When playing this game; users may experience duplicate pages when playing this game. When navigating in this game, compass directions are NOT accurate when steering a player character via a first-person format.

A 404 page rings up when entering a room in this game has result to using a “Back” button to go back into a game.

When scrolling down page; users may experience issues with reading content when using mobile devices via landscape. To work around this issue; hold your device vertically, if you have a device that is horizontal; use a larger browser tab.

Ad placement has been refined to prevent accidental clicks to ad banners. Labeling headings for ad banners as “Advertisements” or “Sponsored Links” makes it easier for seperating ads and written content.

Features Under Development

Character selection – This is a feature under development; that enables you to choose a character to play as. A default character is always available to play.

Enemies – They’re under development. These enemy types will be chosen, designated by a developer who is developing this game.

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