Browse Section Update For The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade

The “Browse” section has been updated to a new version 0.1.0. This update contain changes, fixes, and improvements. This update will be rolling out during the afternoons on this day.


  • Replaced Google AdSense Code With Revive Ad Server Code to facilitate ease of managing ads on our website with a centralized server.
  • Updated navigation module to suit the requirements of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade.
  • Added accessibility feature for screen-reader users by using plain text when coding pages.
  • Restructured pages to declutter content.
  • Removed Google Custom Search box and replaced it with a static search box per each page.

Issues Resolved

  • AdSense ad units has been removed to “de-Google” parts of this website. Due to an awareness of Google involved in antitrust law violations, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has implemented measures to help combat Google’s illegal monopoly.
  • Navigation by letter has been restructured as a way to enable visitors to easily browse for our text-based games to play.
  • Removed junk html files that are clogging up server resources.
  • Mobile layout relies on a “display:block” CSS as a way to suit mobile devices with smaller screens in portrait mode.
  • Reimplemented ShareAholic to monetize content.

New Features

Browse by “Work In Progress” is being implemented to try out text-adventure games that are currently being worked on. This is a feature that is suitable for people who wanted to try out these games that are currently under construction.

The Browse by Sample is being rolled out as a way to try out sample games. However; these games are NOT available at this moment. If these games are available, they will be posted.

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