Strategic Text-Adventure Game Monetization

Monetizing your text-adventure game is one way for developers to make money with their games what they make themselves. However; common ways how we monetize text-adventure games are selling copies on discs, or downloads that are available on the internet. However; if you have a choice-based text-adventure game written in html; you can implement ads on it. However; being dependent only on 1 ad network is not a good thing to do. Instead; you must diversify ad networks what you are using. Thanks to Revive Ad Server… you can diversify your ad code with ease. This is necessary to divide your revenue streams to make it easier for you to monetize your text-adventure game.

Although; people just stick with one ad network; if your account is unlawfully terminated, and your revenue is lost; you can still rely on other ad networks. These ad networks that are alternatives have requirements to be fully set for monetization for your text-adventure games on your website. If you published one title, and you have players playing it aroundthe world; you may need to enable people play your games without accounts. Playing games without needing accounts is key for your visitors to play your games without needing to make purchases, or subscribe to your service.

Using Ads In Your Text-Adventure Game

Although; ads in text-adventure didn’t appear on websites, bt I am experimenting with this concept. This experimental concept is currently active, and I am currently working on it. If your text-adventure game has no ads, and your players are playing your game… you won’t earn any money for your views of your text-adventure games.

Implementing your ads inside your text-adventure game in html is like enabling advertisers to advertise content inside your game. Using Revive Ad Server for managing your ads is key to help your website grow with revenue, and enable the poor to enjoy free games to play. Advertisements are designed to keep websites free of charge. It’s like viewing antenna TV without cable subscriptions. However; implementing only 1 ad per page in your text-based game is key to enable people to play your game without payments. If your game has long content that is designed to be read like a page of a book, and your readers who read your content needed to take a break; you can break your content by placing an ad inside your content. This is key to monetize your text-adventure game as people go from one page to the another.

The advertiser pays for impressions of an ad, you receive money per impressions counted. Well, if you host your own ads; and you allow advertisers to post their own ads without using an ad network; you can keep 99.9% of your ad revenue. This is key to support advertisers who wanted to directly advertise on your website. This is useful for displaying relevant ads inside your game, or promoted content that is engaging.. an alternative to traditional advertising of products and services.

If your ad is placed at the very top of your content; your players just scroll down to content, and read it. Typically, you won’t get any clicks when your players play your game. This is useful for ads that need a quick attention, if a player isn’t interested with this ad displayed; he/she can just scroll down to content.

If your ads are located at the very bottom of text, but before the links for controlling the game; your player can encounter an ad when finding these choices. This is useful if you wanted to display an ad that requires attention later on. Advertisers usually pay for high-quality traffic. Legitimate players who play your game often move on to the next page of your game.

If you have 2 ad zones in your text-adventure game, and you did all of the hard work with your project, and you wanted to get more with your revenue; you can rely on this monetization method. For this instance; you have an ad above and inside your content. This is useful for amplify your ad revenue. Most amatuer text-adventure game developers who prefer to use this method of monetization to get revenue from 2 ad zones. Typically, 2 ad zones should be the maximum for text-adventure games what you create. With this monetization strategy, you can have 2 advertisers advertise content inside your game at the same time.

If you have 3 ads inside; the top , inside-content, and bottom ads are set by you. You can usually get 3 times the revenue. This method is intended for extremely long html files, and very long stories to tell. If your monetization method relies on this method, you may need to choose smaller banners that will not be intrusive. If your ads are displayed like usual, and you implemented this method, this is usually set when enabling players to take a brief break from reading your text-based content. You treat these banners as a place for a player to get an ad break.

If your text-adventure game has a sidebar ad; this is useful if you wanted to have people read text-based content and view the ad at the same time. This method is used by some developers who wanted to keep their ad revenue running, and enable players to play games without payments. If you were a developer who uses this method; here are the following things what you should do when monetizing your text-adventure game:

Keep Ad Banner As Narrow As Possible

Use a tall skyscraper banner to monetize your text-adventure game. It should always be placed at the right of the screen. A table layout can help, but your mobile users may experience this difficulty when playing your text-based game. However; you can still use CSS to hide this banner, and display a horizontal banner instead..

Why Monetize With Ads?

This is key for people in poverty to play your games without needing to create accounts, or purchase your content.

Useful for static content what you host on your website, and you don’t use SQL.

Mass pays can lead to more revenue.

Reduces the burden of credit cards and other use of financial instruments what some people don’t have handy.

Offsets debts.

Keeps your website affordable.

Reduce account creation.

With players viewing your content; your game will be receiving revenue. If your text-adventure game has 1000 pages per folder, your players are playing your game. And you have 2000 players; you can experience more money earned..

If your game becomes popular, and you keep it ad-supported via each series of games what you create; your players will be sticking to your games what you made.


It is possible to monetize your text-adventure game with ads. That applies to html text-adventure games.

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