Nightly Build For Text-Adventure Game: Poodle Ride Quest

The nightly build of Poodle Ride Quest has been launched with a version; this build contains 1 optional level under development, along with the following features for this text adventure game. This update will be executed at 21:00 CDT on the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade.

Highlights of these features:

  • Implementation of Revive Ad Server ad zones to replace problematic Google AdSense ads. This is necessary to reduce costs of managing ad codes in our text-adventure games.
  • Reworked Code To arrange commands for navigating in rooms with commands to turn left, right, or go forward.
  • Lengthen text-based content to add description to help describe events in this game in detail.
  • Landing page has been updated with a longer description as initial description for this game.
  • Added sharing buttons to make it easier to share this text-based game to social networking websites.
  • Restructured links for ease of maintenance when updating this game.
  • Added missing file for starting point of this game,–preventing errors from popping up.
  • Implemented cordinates when navigating in rooms,–giving a player to explore parts of this game. This is key for enabling players to play this game without needing to be stuck with these choices.
  • Restructured navigation for this game by adding compass directions like north, south, east, and west. This is key for making it easier for navigating in this game, and make it easier for easy maintaining of this game.
  • Removed junk files that linked to unlinked files that can take up server space.
  • Fixed typed text where punctuation is left without spaces to space out words.
  • Fixed grammar for certain pages.
  • Added initial files for this optional level by using number values to prevent cheaters.
  • Added index.html to prevent players from peeking into directories.
  • Removed Google Analytics as a way to improve privacy when players play our text-based game.


This build is only intended for nightly updates for this game when new versions roll out for players who play this game. If you were exploring and trying out this game. Be aware; some of these files what we’re writing may be missing, or have shallow content. Also, our text-based game may contain content is updated each night as we compile our game for future players.

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