We are implementing our own ad server to serve our own ads to enable advertisers to advertise their content inside our text-adventure games

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade has been updated with these following changes,–regarding use of ad networks. These changes has been implemented as a way to enable advertisers to independently advertise on our website. This action is necessary to combat antitrust, and retain more revenue for our text-based games. Reduction of dependency of ad networks has been implemented as a way to implement privacy-enabled ads without trackers.

Removal Of Google AdSense Ad Code From Our Text-Based Games

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has started a process of “de-Googling” our website as a way to make room for our ad server code to be implemented. This is necessary to reduce the burden of replacing ad code on each page, causing an expensive, and intensive jobs. The following reasons why we removed Google AdSense from our text-based games:

Aware Of Antitrust Case Against Google

We’ve been research these reports,–regarding Google being involved in violating antitrust laws, and the US DOJ has filed a lawsuit against Google for violating antitrust laws. Fairies Dreams & Fantasy will never condone antitrust under any circumstances. However; we are drafting policies to prevent antitrust from being left off the hook. Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is designed to compete freely.

Ease Of Managing Ads

With our ad server; we can easily manage ads across the website. This is necessary to help reduce time when changing ad codes on our website. With a centralized way of hosting our ads, we can change our ads that won’t do any good for our website.

How It Will Effect Players Who Play Our Text-Based Games?

No action is necessary, but we encouraged you to refresh your browsers to get an updated version of our text-based games what we are currently updating behind the scenes. If you were playing our text-based games with Google AdSense already embedded; it will be removed. We are removing instances of AdSense from our website as a way to enable our ads to be sered independently. Independent ads is key to higher revenue for our website.

We are still going to use Google AdSense and other ad networks to monetize our text-based games via our arcade section of our website.

Also, your privacy may be elevated when privacy-enabled ads are rolled out on our website. Be on the lookout for any changes for our ways of monetizing our games.

If You Were An Advertiser Who Relies On Ad Networks

If your ad isn’t displayed on our website; most likely we removed an ad code from our website as a way to renovate our websites and games. Be aware; our ad server is taking over, and we are currently getting ready to use this kind of a software to rotate ads that are posted by a diversified group of advertisers. If you encountered savings; most likely you’re NOT serving your ads to us via an ad network what you’re currently using.

What To Expect

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade will rely on our own ad server to host our own ads as a way to enable independent advertisers to advertise on our website, and rely on our own server to promote our content. If your ads are dedicated NOT to track anyone; your ads can be set to be friendly for privacy. Native ads… that’s what we want on our website!

Advertisers will have an option to directly advertise on our website, and get more attention for their content, product, or service that is relevant.

A form for posting your ad will be running for all advertisers who advertise their content, product, or service.


An advertising form for posting your ads to our text-based games will fully take effect on April 5th; after we managed to test our sending mechanisms on our website.

All advertisers will be treated as independent advertisers.

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