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The following terms and conditions govern use of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade, along with content displayed on this website, ads displayed on this website, and other basic features. Please read these terms before using this website.

General Info

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, owned by Aaron Johnson, along with other projects and services offered by Aaron Johnson, a sole owner of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. For a general terms, please see Terms Of Use on our support website.

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade is a text-based gaming site that enables you to play text-based games without needing an account what so ever. All text-based games are free to play without needing a subscription, nor membership payments. Why these games don't require to have an account because, that makes it easier for people who wanted to have fun, and access this website at anytime.

This gaming section is a feature of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, so you can have some fun anytime,--without needing to have an account, also dedicated for visitors who wanted to stay remain visitors without accounts or have an accountless experience.

Aaron Johnson

Define as we, I, me, or us who run this website.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

As we, us, me, or I. Also a name of our main website as our website itself.


A person or entity visiting our website.


Text, images, audio, video, or any other content displayed on this website,--published by an owner who runs a website.

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade

A text-based gaming website dedicated to play text-based games without needing to create an account what so ever.


Sponsored content provided by an ad network for the purpose of displaying relevant ads based-on content displayed on this website.

Changes to these terms

These following terms are subject to change to help keep Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade for the entire world for years to come.

Use of this website

This website is intended NOT to have any signups what so ever. You can visit this website and visit any page available to be visited by any user. You can browse text-based games to play on this website, or you can freely look around.

You can reproduce content for personal use,--unless otherwised noted. You will not scrape, mirror, or clone any content displayed on this website. Any use of scraper scripts, or any methods of scraping content on this website is strictly prohibited.

Users shall not use any robot to inflate shares on share buttons to artificially inflate share counts, automate clicking on advertisements and affiliate links, mine data, run automated searches on search boxes on this website, attempt to scan server for possible threats without a permission of a website owner, harvest email and other sensitive user information, and artificially inflate impressions of content views, ad views, and visitor counters.

You will not attempt to log into our servers of our website. Any person who is involved in hacking our servers are subject to legal action by us, such as seeking civil damages against you, or reporting you to law enforcement.

Use this website to provide material to terrorist organizations designated by your governing agency via a list of designated terror organization. Any person who is involved in providing material to terrorists is subject to legal action by any law enforcement.

You will not use this website to send unsolicited advertising, sponsorships, paid-videos, paid-content, sweepstakes, unpaid advertising, unsolicited products/services, unsolicited promotions, bulk email spam, and other unsolicited email content,--not limited to unsolicited email attachments.

You will not use this website to transmit viruses, worms, rogues, trojan horses, trojan downloaders, trojan droppers, backdoors, browser modifiers, malicious scripts, for the purpose of harming computers, servers, network hardware, the internet, devices like mobile phones, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, media players, smart speakers, and other devices connected to a network. Any user involved in in this activity is subject to legal liabilities.

You will not censor this website for religious, cultural, or any other reasons. This website is intended to be open for anyone around the world. Any censoring of this website should be reported immediately.

You shall not attempt to claim trademark, copyright, or any intellectual property clain against this website. That applies to committing copyfraud, and other fraudulent claims of copyright violations, trademark violations, patent violations, etc. Any individual or entity involved in this activity is subject to civil/criminal penalties.

You will not use this website for submitting chain letters, facilitate ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, matrix schemes, get rich quick schemes, fraudulent investment schemes, telemarketing, phishing, spamming, scamming, bullying, terrorism, spanking, beating, slave trade/slave auctions, sales of animals poached from nature, sales of rabbit meat, sales of ivory, sales of coal, sales of crude oil, sales of bush meat, sales of illegal weapons, sales of illegal drugs, sales of counterfeit goods, and sales of household objects for the purpose of spanking/beating children as punishment and other threats against children, facilitate exploitation of children with any form, and facilitate deceptive parenting.

You will not use this website for any commercial use,--unless a license has a statement that allows it. You will also not sell access to this website without a verified permission from a website owner what so ever. This is not limited to:

Use this website to sexually lure children to any location around the world for the purpose of sexual acts, not limited to child grooming, rape, and other illegal activities.

Parent shall not block this website under any circumstances. These reasons are NOT limited to excuses of children not doing their homework, having bad report cards,, etc. Any parent attempting to block this website is subject to civil liabilities. This is NOT limited to:

Parent shall not use this website to threaten, spank, or exploit children via any means.

Links to other websites

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade may contain links to third party websites. These links displayed on this website doesn't have any endorsement or affiliation with any of these third party websites. These links are intended for providing references to informational/entertaining/educational use, or any other use. This website has no control to third party websites linked from this website. For use of affiliate links; please see the advertisements section. If you were following these links, you are following them within your own risks, their privacy policies may be different, but not the same.


The owner of this website reserves rights to implement ads across this website. These ads being displayed on this website is the property of an advertiser who display ads on our website via ad networks of any kind.

The advertisements displayed on this website is designed for keeping this website free for all visitors. These ads provide relevant articles, products, or services based-on content displayed on this website. These ads are provided by third party ad networks. Relevant ads are not guaranteed to be relevant what you've expected to be. Advertisements help this website provide premium content. You can opt out of seeing ads on our website by using a dedicated browser/extension, or by using settings on your browser.

This website may also contain affiliate links; for our primary use of our affiliate links; please read our disclosure page.


The Fairies Dreams & fantasy Arcade may have content licensed under a Creative Commons license, or any other copyleft licenses,--so you can reuse our content if you wish. However our designs are also available for reuse. Before reusing, always check license statements displayed anywhere on any content on this website. However; some of our content may be protected by copyright laws in any country.

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade logo is not copyrighted what so ever! It's just a title of our website.


Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade, and other Fairies Dreams & Fantasy projects are NOT trademarked under any way. We don't trademark our following projects listed below:

If in doubt; please don't use our logo as an endorsement of your products/services/merchandise. However; you can use our logo to link to our website when the following conditions were met:

We don't mind parodies because, parodies are fun. If you were making a parody of our website, please use care!


The owner of this website supports the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). However; the owner of this website has no partnership, nor affiliation with the EFF.

Privacy Policy

This website has no signup mechanisms. All users who visit this site are random users. We don't store player information on this website. No user account creation is necessary to play these games.

Limitation of liabilities

The owner of this website is not liable for any content displayed on this website, it's not limited to embedded content from other sources, unfinished works, and other content. Content is displayed as "as is".

Disclaimer of warranties

The owner of this website disclaim all warranties. Content is displayed as "as is".

Governing Law

These terms and conditions will be governed by laws in Kansas, not limited to Graham County, Saline County, etc. These terms will also be governed by the laws of the United States.


The terms displayed on this webpage is a contract between Aaron Johnson (owner of this website) and you.

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